The Best Payday Loan Alternatives to Take into Account During a Crisis

Oct 13, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Finding a way to get your hands on cash quickly is a hassle, even in the best circumstances. When times are rough, it can be even more challenging. Payday loans may seem like the only option when money is tight, but there is rarely a legitimate reason to take one out.

Payday loans might put you in a worse financial position, even if you're borrowing a small amount for an unexpected expense.

If you need money quickly, you should think about these options.

Community-based organizations and charities

Optimal for: Getting some free money to pay for necessities.

If you're already struggling to pay for necessities like food and transportation while also dealing with an unexpected financial crisis, reaching out to local funding sources such as community centers and organizations can greatly assist. Some of these groups may be able to provide transportation to and from medical or employment-related appointments, as well as food or clothing donations.

Speed: Depending on your specific situation and the local resources available, assistance may be obtained more or less swiftly. Reach out to them by phone and ask.

Remember that certain charities may ask for documentation, such as recent pay stubs, to verify your financial need.

Charity for medical expenses

Useful if you have a huge medical debt and need it reduced or made more affordable to pay off.

Before you resort to a payday lender, there are several options for dealing with medical expenses.

Scheduled payments: Rather than paying the entire fee at once, see whether the office will accept payments over time.

Credit for medical expenses: Some medical credit cards supplied through doctors' offices include promotional interest-free periods that could be useful in covering the cost. Make sure you read the fine print to avoid paying exorbitant interest rates.

The speed at which you may complete each choice varies, but you may be able to establish a payment plan with the doctor's office over the phone.

There could be costs associated with every choice you make. To make a net-positive choice, add up the money you'll save and subtract the money you'll owe.

Online Bad Credit Loans

If your credit score is below 690, you will have the most luck obtaining a loan through this service.

Several online financial institutions offer special loans to meet the needs of customers with poor credit. If an applicant has a high debt-to-income ratio and a low credit score, they may be able to borrow money from one of these lenders.

You can pre-qualify for a bad credit loan to find out what terms lenders are willing to provide, even if you think you need to be approved. There is no impact on your credit score, and you can evaluate different loan offers by pre-qualifying with multiple lenders.

In a matter of days after approval, several internet lenders can transfer funds to your bank account.

You should know that the main credit bureaus receive payment information from online lenders. Making payments on schedule will help you establish credit, but falling behind will have the opposite effect.

See if you pre-qualify for a personal loan – without damaging your credit score.

In response to a few simple inquiries, you can receive competitive quotes from several lenders.

Loans from a credit union

Best for: Members in good standing with a credit union.

You already have a choice available to you if you are a credit union member or qualify to join one.

You can borrow a modest sum (up to $1,000 or $2,000) with a maximum interest rate of 28% and payback terms of up to 12 months from a credit union as an alternative to a payday loan.

Speed: Large credit unions may be able to fund and approve a loan within a few days. Local credit unions may require you to be a member in order to process your application, which could add time to the procedure.

Plans for paying off recurring monthly costs

This option is ideal for short-term help with taking care of an unexpected expense.

Speed: Prepayment assistance may be available before your next payment, depending on when your bills are due.

Having several different creditors and bill collectors can make it hard to keep track of your payments. Schedule or budget for the payments, and be sure you'll have the money to cover them.

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