A Detailed Amazon Store Card Review

Feb 11, 2024 By Triston Martin

The Amazon store card review has the best rewards rates for the most purchases for people with good credit. But even if you have bad or no credit, you can still use the Amazon Store Card, a closed-loop credit card issued by Synchronization and comes in two different types.

If you already have a Prime membership or don't mind paying $119 a year if you pay annually, the Amazon Store Card is for you. It's for people who spend enough money at Amazon to make the card worth it. As long as you spend $2,400 a year and get rewards, you'll pay for your Prime membership. If you spend more than that and earn rewards, you'll save more money.

5 Things about Amazon Store Card

The card doesn't even have an annual membership fee, but you'll need Amazon Prime to get the most out of the card's perks. It's probably better for people who don't have a Prime membership to get a different cash back credit card.

Version of the store card

After applying for this card, you'll get the Prime version if you become a Prime member. If you don't renew your membership, your card will be downgraded to the standard version of the card by itself.

Amazon purchases

Whole Foods won't accept the cards. If you want to do that, you'll need the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. This card gives Prime members 5% back on Whole Foods purchases. But, as we said before, you have to have good credit to get one. It makes it more challenging to get.

Credit cards that don't charge a fee or give you money back for grocery purchases are better if you want to get money back at Whole Foods.


As long as you're signed in to your Amazon Paid account, you'll get 5% back on every purchase made with your Amazon Store Card. When you don't have Prime, you won't get any cashback rewards. It will benefit Prime customers who buy most of their household items on the site or buy big-ticket items like TVs and game consoles.

You’ll get a small introductory bonus

Shoppers who need a card to help pay for a big purchase might be better off getting a store card that gives them a price break on their first purchase. In this case, let's look at the Lowe's Advantage Card.

Financing options are available, but proceed with caution

You might think this is a good deal, but it can be risky if you're not sure you can pay it off before the 0% interest period. That's because this deal comes with no interest for a while. Even though you won't have to pay interest for a certain amount of time, it will still build up in the background. If you pay off the purchase early, you won't have to pay this interest. If you still owe money at the end of the period, you'll be delivered the total level of investment on the entire purchase, not just what's leftover.


  • There are two options for people who aren't Prime members or don't want to get rewards in exchange for more time to pay off their purchases at 0% APR. The first one doesn't charge you interest if you pay off the purchase in full in six, 12 or 24 months. It's also possible to split the cost of your purchase into equal payments each month.

  • In some cases, if you have an Amazon account, when you apply for the card, you'll get a software update to The Amazon purchase Prime Store Card if your credit is good. It lets you get 5% back on all of the one's Amazon.com purchases, which is the main reason to get this card.


The most important thing about the Amazon Store Card is no liability if the card is lost or stolen. If your credit card is charged on it that isn't yours, you won't have to pay.

But when I looked at the card, it worked a little differently than I thought it would, so I wonder if anyone else has used it and if they'd suggest it.

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