5 Best Cash Back Apps In 2022 To Save Money

Nov 04, 2023 By Triston Martin

We all saw our parents using coupons to clip coupons and take advantage of sales to save money when we were kids. Even if they weren't primarily focused on saving on their grocery shopping, their financial choices would have allowed your family to prosper through the tough and the thin. The current trend of clipping coupons to save money isn't feasible. It's time-consuming, and you could even say that coupons waste paper. Most coupons and flyers barely get through the door before they're placed in the trash or recycling bin. Cash back or rewards programs are now the latest rewards cards and were the first coupons introduced. These best cash back apps are revolutionizing the way customers shop and also save.

How Do Cash Back Apps Work?

Cash back apps provide cash-back on eligible purchases. However, deals as well as requirements, partners, and terms are different depending on the application. Some apps require you to snap and upload a photograph of your receipt using the application. However, some allow you to link an account or a loyalty program to a store and immediately check for eligible purchases. The apps may also offer various redemption options as well as minimum amounts to be redeemed.

We will be focusing on the best cash back apps that provide cash back on in-store purchases. However, some offer cash-back offers for purchases made via apps or online. There are various non-app sites (sometimes known as rewards portals or shopping portals) that you can utilize to earn points, cash back or miles for online purchases. Cash-back Monitor has a directory that you can look up to discover the latest rates for cash back on various portals.

Top 5 Cash Back Apps

Below are 5 of the most effective cash-back applications which make you money when you purchase on the internet:

1. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards lets shoppers earn rewards for their frequent shopping excursions, such as trips to supermarkets as well as large-box stores and even restaurants. For reward point redemption, customers have to upload their invoices within fourteen days from the date of their purchase. This can be done by connecting your email address and uploading an e-receipt or by taking a picture of a receipt that's physically present. You don't have to save or apply for specific coupons before purchasing. Instead, you'll earn points for every purchase. Certain brands featured on the list will be rewarded with more points; however, simply going to the store and uploading receipts will earn you points regardless of the.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta offers cash back regardless of whether you're shopping online, in person, dining out, or on the go. There aren't any promo coupons or codes to keep track of. When you shop, you use the app for deals you like and upload a photo of the receipt following the purchase. You can also purchase the item using a loyalty card in the store or using a debit card using the app.

3. Earny

Have you ever bought something that you were disappointed to find out would be sold the following week? Earny can help you with that. Just add the extension to the Chrome browser, and then let Earny complete the rest. The application monitors your purchases and informs you when an item you've purchased drops in price. It also checks your most recent purchases for price reductions which could qualify you for reimbursement.

One of Earny's most significant advantages can be its list of watchers. If you come across an item you're interested in, add it to your watchlist, and Earny will monitor it. Before you decide to purchase, it is possible to immediately view the history of prices for the item and determine the probability that it will decrease soon. If you're willing to put off buying, leave the item on your list, and when the price falls, you'll receive an alert. Earny is entirely free. Therefore, you're not risking anything by including it in your browser. You'll begin earning money from the purchases you make each week.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints offers a reward application that offers the possibility of 40% cash back at 22,000 of the top retailers. This includes stores such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy, eBay, and Home Depot. The number of retailers available is enormous (over 2000). These are only some of my top picks. Earn points whenever shopping at one of these shops and can cash out these points at any time. You can exchange them to purchase gift cards or credits towards your PayPal account balance.

5. Dosh

Dosh is a cash-back app that differentiates itself by offering cash back deals for hotels. Also, it doesn't need the uploading of receipts. Although you'll discover cash back promotions within the app, there's no need to connect the offers to your account to earn cash back. Instead, you can connect the debit or credit card with the app and earn cash back on the eligible purchase. This could make the app simpler than other best cash back apps. But, since there's no option to upload receipts to your account, you can't use the app to earn cash back if you make payments using cash.


You can save to meet a particular goal, or just look to cut expenses, or even earn rewards with the money you're likely to spend reward and cash back apps are today loaded with a myriad of features that make saving enjoyable as well as providing free money.

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