The Finest CRM Software in 2022

Jan 28, 2024 By Susan Kelly

It has gone a long way in the roughly 15 years since I began using CRM software. With so much competition, CRMs are still an affordable option for organizations of all sizes today because of their wide range of capabilities.

Choosing the appropriate CRM may be a challenge since there are so many alternatives, from sales-focused to all-in-one CRMs, to choose from. Because of this, I spent hours scouring the internet and testing every one of them.

These are the top 10 CRMs, in my opinion, based on my use of the applications. Please keep reading to discover more about CRMs, or select a specific software to see why I picked it.

What Exactly is CRM Software?

Client relationship management (CRM) is the formal name for this type of service. CRM (customer relationship management) software is a tool that allows businesses to keep track of all of their contacts with customers. Client relationship management (CRM) software keeps track of every interaction a business has ever had with a customer, including any notes or emails that may have been sent via any of the company's many channels of communication. CRM software maintains track of all the ways customers contact a firm, including phone, email, live chat, social network DMs, and snail mail, and all of these interactions are organized. When you phone a firm and say, "let me look up your file," they're looking you up in their customer relationship management (CRM) program.

Know What You're Buying

Choosing a CRM is a huge financial decision. ' The first step in determining a product's price is understanding how your sales team works and what features they would find helpful. If you want to save money, you must first identify your needs and then compare those needs to the proper pricing tier.

However, there are additional traps to be aware of. For example, initial setup and training might devour a significant portion of the cash. Upgrades and continuous support can also be included. The software's integration with current systems may need the purchase of extra hardware.

What Role Does CRM Play in Your Toolbox?

CRM solutions have been consolidating into larger product ecosystems for some time now. While many of the vendor's other products are based on the foundational Zoho CRM, others, such as Salesforce, are based on a different framework. Several examples of how well-known independent solutions have been merged into Zendesk's customer support-focused SMB products, such as Base CRM, which was bought by Zendesk and transformed into Zendesk Sell.

Best CRM Software

Best CRM Software with Pipeline Tools: PipeDrive

Pipedrive's unique visual sales pipeline distinguishes it from other CRMs by capturing lead and sales information. Adding contacts and transferring prospects between stages is a cinch with the drag-and-drop interface, which gives you a clear picture of where each transaction is in the sales cycle.

Your chatbot and online form interactions are also sent directly into Pipedrive's pipeline, ensuring no leads are missed. Workflow systems may be tapped into, and new ones can be created with various pipeline and field customization options available. Pipedrive's products, such as reporting, workflow automation, and communication tracking, aim to improve sales results.

Zendesk Sell: Collaboration's Best CRM

When everyone is on the same page, sales techniques are more effective. Zendesk Sell is the ideal solution for enhancing cross-departmental communication. CRM software that can handle your customer experience plan beyond the sales team is necessary.

Sales, marketing, and customer support staff utilize Zendesk Sell to minimize duplication of efforts or awkward miscommunications by consolidating data from different customer touchpoints. It is an attractive option for small firms and lone entrepreneurs.

Freshworks CRM: Best CRM Softwares for Integrated Calling

One of the best options for salespeople that make and receive numerous phone calls and want CRM software to keep track of all the information they collect is Freshworks. You can add a new local or toll-free phone number from over 90 countries to your CRM platform or link an existing one with a single click. There are also vanity and mobile phone numbers available.

Hubspot CRM: Best for Reporting and Metrics

However, (CRM) software may be used to increase sales force effectiveness and make strategic business choices, which is its true worth. HubSpot is an excellent option for small organizations looking for the best CRM reporting tools and performance data.

More than 90 report templates are available in the free plan, and you may organize them on customizable dashboards anyway. Deal projections, sales funnel analytics, and sales activity insights into the productivity of teams and the success of individual sales agents are among the most popular reports.

Additional statistics generated by HubSpot give data on response times and how well messages are dispersed across team members. In addition to a custom report builder, HubSpot's premium CRM service includes a custom report builder. The ability to fine-tune report result even further with custom filters allows you to understand your website traffic and specific deals.

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