Which Is The Best Dental Insurance For Implants?

Dec 19, 2023 By Susan Kelly

If you have a failing tooth, your dentist may propose that you have it extracted and replaced with a dental implant. This procedure involves replacing the tooth's root with a metal post that resembles a screw and attaching a prosthetic tooth to the post. However, unlike other dental treatments, this one does not come cheap. In the United States, replacing just one tooth may range anywhere from $3,000 to $4,500, while replacing a whole set of teeth can range anywhere from $20,000 to $45,000 on average.

The good news is that several different alternatives are available for dental insurance for implants, which may assist with the cost of these procedures. The ideal dental insurance for implants offers significant coverage levels, reasonable or nonexistent deductibles, considerable yearly maximums, and short or nonexistent waiting periods. In addition, the best dental insurance plan for implants offers reasonable monthly premiums. The following are some of our top selections.

Platinum, the Essential Choice for Anthem

Because of its generous yearly limit of $2,000, the Anthem Essential Choice Platinum was the plan we decided to go with. In addition, it offers a yearly maximum carryover benefit, which means that they will add any new benefits from one year to the proper amount for the next year.


  • $2,000 in yearly maximum
  • There is only a waiting time of six months for key services.
  • If you provide evidence of prior coverage, the waiting time will be waived.
  • Also accessible via companies are excellent group insurance policies.


  • Currently only offered in 14 states.
  • The rates are higher than some of the plans that were evaluated.

Given the coverage and advantages, the monthly rates for people were not the most affordable we found, but they were not prohibitively expensive either. For instance, the monthly premium for the Anthem Essential Choice Platinum plan was around $60 for a woman under the age of 50 living in California.


Even though dental savings plans provide even more inexpensive premiums, Renaissance's Plan II dental insurance for implants is a choice that falls within a reasonable price range for dental insurance. Their more affordable insurance offered members enough protection at a premium half as high as the best available overall rate.


  • Pays up to fifty percent of the cost of implant services, with a yearly cap of one thousand dollars
  • Reduced monthly charges compared to the majority of plans that cover implants.
  • They can choose any dentist they want


  • There is a mandatory waiting time of one year for major coverage.
  • There is a limited selection of plans available in each state.

There is a waiting period for implant coverage of twelve months and an individual deductible of around fifty dollars. Still, the plan premium for a woman under the age of fifty in California was just about thirty-five dollars per month.

UnitedHealth One

The benefit increases by ten percent for each year that passes, reaching a maximum of forty percent in year one and fifty percent in year two.


  • There is no deductible for the implant coverage.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • When receiving care from a provider in the network, there are no claims to submit.
  • Availability of a comprehensive dental network


  • This service is not available in every state.
  • It takes two years to get coverage levels of fifty percent for implants.

Physicians Mutual

The best dental insurance for dental implants for older citizens is Physicians Mutual Preferred Plus. This plan covers 350 treatments, including dental implants, and there are no yearly maximums or deductibles to pay.


  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • 500,000 in-network providers
  • Includes coverage for over 350 procedures, such as implants


  • The main coverage requires a 12-month waiting period.
  • No senior discount

Physicians Mutual has been operating continuously since its founding in 1902 and maintains its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Dental, life, and health insurance are some of the other coverage options that are made available to individuals and families alike. AM Best has also earned them very high marks for their financial strength.5 It is accessible in all 50 states, and its network comprises 500,000 service providers.

The Finest Options for Dental Implant Insurance

When determining which dental insurance policy is most suitable for your situation, one of the many factors to consider is the availability of dental insurance policies for implants. Take into consideration the following important aspects as you organize your search in order of importance:

  • The highest amount dental insurance will pay out to a subscriber in a given year is often between $1,000 and $1,500. However, this amount might vary from policy to policy.
  • Amounts paid toward coinsurance: After the insurance benefit has been deducted, the amount known as coinsurance is what you are responsible for paying (e.g., if the insurance pays 50 percent, you have 50 percent coinsurance to pay).
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