Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare: Complete Guide

Oct 14, 2023 By Susan Kelly


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says five seniors 65 and older have untreated dental caries or lost teeth, and two or three have dental problems. Also, medicines for hypertension, depression, or bladder control can cause dry mouth, making cavities and oral fungal infections more likely.

Most Medicare recipients need to purchase additional dental insurance. It could help pay for some of your dental bills if you need surgery or have an emergency. Let's say you have Real Medicare and need dental insurance.

The best Medicare covers dental, eye, and hearing care. When looking for a plan with dental insurance, make sure that the policy offers the quality health care most important to you. It could include going to the dentist regularly, getting Cross, treating gum disease, getting fillings, or getting dentures. It would help if you began to look for common plans similar to those of other plans.

Humana- Greatest in Terms of Price

Humana dental health care plans are one of the dental insurance companies. They offer different levels of services to meet the needs of any budget. These plans are simple and made with ease of use in mind.

Humana's dental plans are made for people who want good dental coverage but don't want to pay a lot each month. Humana dental insurance is great because it lets you choose a lifetime deductible, another great perk. Once you've paid the lifetime deductible, you'll get the plan's full coverage—deductibles for life range from $50 to $150.

Once your deductible is paid, Humana dental insurance covers all preventive services at 100% in-network and 80% out-of-network. Humana also covers 50 percent of the cost of basic services. But their plans don't pay for major dental work.


Cigna knows that preventative health dental care is important to your health. Some plans cover preventive dental care, while others cover full care since prevention doesn't always work. But the Medicare Advantage associated with this dental service can vary in what it covers and how much it costs each month, so read the "Strategy Specifics" page carefully.

The details of each plan will be different because the proposals are put together with the other riders to cover everything. The Cigna Healthcare Insurance HMO plans pay for care from doctors and hospitals that are part of a set network. Cigna Health Coverage PPO plans also have a set system, but you can also see providers outside one's system for an extra fee or with less coverage.

Manhattan Life - Best for the Comfort of the Beneficiary

Manhattan Life is also one of the top 5 dentists insurance companies because they have a mobile app that makes it easy for insurance companies to track their claims and send them in. To file a dental claim, you must take a picture of your dental visit summary and charges, upload it to the app using your phone, and wait for the benefit to be deposited into your bank account. Within two weeks, the whole deal is finished.

Anyone between 18 and 85 can get a Manhattan Life dental plan, even if they are on Medicare. The Manhattan Life dentists coverage plan is a refund plan that gives policyholders a lot of great benefits. It also covers dental and vision care.


Their dental provider network works with the Careington system, making them one of the largest in the country. Aetna's dental plans let policyholders use benefits for hearing and sight and dental coverage. You do not have to be qualified for Medicare to sign up for an Aetna dental plan. The plans are a "guaranteed issue," meaning you don't have to answer any questions about your health to sign up.

From day one, Aetna dental covers 60% of basic and preventive care. In the third year and year after that, 80% of basic and preventive services.


Since the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare doesn't cover quality healthcare, enrolling in an individual dental plan is crucial. But it would help if you didn't look for the best dental insurance plan to use your Medicare coverage on your own. Different kinds of insurance coverage for seniors can lower the cost of dental care. The best dental coverage for seniors covers all checkups and preventive care without waiting periods.

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