Best Finance Books for Teens in 2022 to Buy

Nov 12, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Financial management is a crucial life skill that everybody must master. Many people, unfortunately, go through their lives not knowing about their finances. It's, therefore, vital to teach your children about money as early as possible. Plenty of fantastic books on financial literacy for teens and children are available. These four Best Finance Books for Teens in 2022 are among the top. They cover topics such as budgeting investment, budgeting, and conserving money. They're also informative and engaging, making them ideal for teaching your children about personal finances. If you're looking for a method to teach your kids about money, grab one of these books on financial literacy. Your kids will be grateful for it in the future!

I'll Show You How to Be Rich

The book written is written by Ramit Sethi is an excellent book for teens who wish to get started with a solid financial foundation. Sethi's style of writing and his straight-talking approach to financial responsibility will hit young readers. Sethi's suggestions on managing student loans, using credit responsibly, and creating a life free of debt and the constant need for more are suitable for teenagers on the cusp of independence.

Sethi's New York Times best-selling book presents a simplified method of financial literacy focused on motivation and setting goals instead of impulsive decision-making or laborious optimization. In the book, Sethi asserts that younger people don't make it to wealth, not because it's hard to achieve or even impossible. It's rather because they get so overwhelmed with details--such as trying to predict the market is a perfect way before investing or analyzing endlessly the differences between two portfolios with similar characteristics that they do nothing other than make the "wrong" choice. Sethi provides a viable alternative to this all-or-nothing model and does it in simple actions that promotes a lifetime of financial commitment.

The Early Investor

The Early Investor was written by one of the authors I admire most regarding financial knowledge. Michael Zisa, the writer of "The Early Investor," is an outstanding motivational figure regarding financial knowledge. The author spoke about building wealth by ensuring that financial terms such as stocks, investments, and mutual funds were clearly explained.

The book could be a bit of a step forward for those not experienced with the financial markets. However, one thing is sure for those interested in making changes to their lifestyle when they reach adulthood, and it's crucial to spend time researching how these changes function. The author also focuses on the importance of compounding and the advantages of investing early in life. The book is sure to be a hit with young investment thought.

Real-World Money Lessons

The premise of this book's digital format is about equipping kids with the skills they require to succeed on the job. We, as parents, want to provide our children with the best chance of success in their lives. One of the ways to do that is by teaching our children about the importance of money. However, the majority of schools don't place a focus on financial literacy. This book is designed to bridge this gap.

With Real-World Money Lessons for Kids and Teens, your children will discover the roots of money, the capitalist system, how to budget and invest, and how important it is to give back. By offering comprehensive instruction on financial issues, we empower our community's children to make intelligent decisions about their finances and put them on the road to the bright future they'll have.

The Rich and Poor Father for Teens

The teen version of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens" written by Robert T. Kiyosaki is a massive hit for any young personal finance lover or potential entrepreneur. The book is just as humorous as well as insightful and instructive as the original; that is, with a recommendation from the Investopedia Financial Review Board, the teen-oriented spin-off educates readers about how the financial lifestyles of the wealthy are different from the rest of us.

Alongside tackling the fundamental knowledge of finance in an age-appropriate manner, Kiyosaki writes extensively about the ancillary ideas essential for financial prosperity, including knowing your learning style, identifying ways to grow your business, and setting goals. Kiyosaki will also dispel the myths that make people believe they will never become rich, changing the mindset of the person reading. Particularly chapter titles like "The Myth of Intelligence and IQ" as well as "The Wealthy Think Differently" is sure to inspire young minds spinning.


If you're unsure where to begin your financial literacy journey, we suggest "Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens" from Robert T. Kiyosaki. While it's not the final book on personal finance you've ever read, it's a great introduction to any teenager interested in building wealth. Kiyosaki's wisdom, as well as his holistic method of making and saving money, makes this classic personal finance book an absolute page-turner and an excellent teaching tool.

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