Best Health Insurance Providers for Small Business Owners

Feb 23, 2024 By Susan Kelly

If you manage a small company and want to recruit new workers and hold on to the ones you already have, offering medical insurance to your staff may be an effective strategy. In a poll in 2018, American Insurance Plans discovered that 56% of respondents indicated that the availability of health insurance benefits had a role in their choice to remain employed at their present place of employment.

We completed the preliminary research for both of you. We identified the health insurance companies that are the best for small company owners because the market for health insurance is so vast. Continue reading to find out which businesses made it onto our list.

The editorial staff at Forbes Health assessed insurance companies offering plans nationwide to determine which ones provide the best healthcare coverage for small business owners. The criteria used to make this determination included the benefits that the companies make available, the size of their practitioner and hospital channels, how simple it is to register in the plans, and the companies' reputations with organizations that determine their overall financial health.

Importance of Health Insurance for Small Business Owners

Health insurance for small business owners of small businesses helps larger businesses give more employees more reasonable access to medical coverage for themselves and their families. Typically, they are group plans, which means that several employees from the organization have registered in them. This helps everyone achieve reduced premiums or more excellent coverage overall. These policies are catered to smaller businesses that might want to offer health care to get top-tier individuals to work for them rather than the larger enterprises that are their competitors.

The very best health insurance companies for small business owners give affordable premiums, a variety of adaptable coverage choices, connections to extensive networks of medical professionals, and accessibility. Health insurance companies sometimes offer dental and vision coverage and comprehensive medical coverage to provide employees with additional options and satisfy the demands of employers who wish to fulfill their obligations to provide certain benefits to their workforce.

Top Health Insurance Providers

There are various options available, among which the Best health insurance companies are the following:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross The Blue Shield of California is an organization of 34 independent insurance firms operating across the country. The organization has been in operation since 1929, and most of the firms that are a part of it have been given outstanding ratings by AM Best. The National Commitment to evaluate Quality Management, a nonprofit group that evaluates and accredits health plans, provided the firm's overall grades ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 on a scale from 1 to 5.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of the leading health insurance companies in the country, makes available to the owners of most small businesses an extensive range of coverage alternatives. In addition to this, it provides corporations with data-driven healthcare solutions that enable them to make more cost-effective choices. It is the insurance provider of choice for consumers who want adaptable coverage alternatives.


  • Extensive range of service providers
  • solutions in the medical field inspired by data


  • There is very little information on health plans available on the BCBS website.
  • You will need to speak with a sales representative.


Since 1977, United Healthcare has been involved in the health insurance industry. UnitedHealthcare is an excellent choice for most small companies since it has a significant number of providers that participate in its network and thousands of sites located around the country. Additionally, the firm's capacity to consistently fulfill the ever-changing demands of customers is enhanced by the significant annual investment it makes in technology. This allows the company to provide consumers with superior goods and enhanced plan coverage.


  • Technology advancements in the medical field
  • Extensive range of service providers
  • Simple to compare different plans online.


  • Previous difficulties with the provision of mental health coverage


In addition to being one of the major insurance providers in the United States for individual policies and Medicare alternatives, Humana also provides group healthcare benefits for smaller companies in 18 different states that have between two and fifty employees. The firm was established in 1961, and it has been offering medical coverage continuously since 1984.

Because of its excellent customer service and readily available associates who can respond to queries promptly, Humana is consistently ranked as one of the best healthcare insurance carriers for owners of small businesses. It also offers a broad provider network with many alternatives for adjustable deductible and premium arrangements, allowing companies to get exactly what they're looking for.


  • Excellent service to the customer
  • Large provider network
  • Plan information on the webpage


  • Not all states make this product available.
  • There is a possibility that certain charges will be higher for flexible spending accounts.
  • Insufficient coverage and a more limited network


Aetna is another insurance plan that has been around for a long time in the market. AM Best has given the company an A grade even though it has only been in business since 1853.

Aetna exhibits high-deductible health insurance coverage for small businesses, which may appeal to these companies. It is also well-known for its excellent customer service and a variety of tax-advantaged savings choices, which may better meet the requirements of some employees.


  • Options for health expenditure funds, pros, and cons
  • More significant than average number of service providers High levels of overall client satisfaction


  • Availability is limited and varies by state.
  • information on the webpage that is less useful and might hinder decision making
  • Costs are difficult to estimate without the assistance of a sales representative.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is the nation's premier not-for-profit health maintenance organization and healthcare provider. Despite having been established in 1945, the firm does not at this time have accreditation with AM Best. On a scale that ranges from 1 to 5, the NCQA assigns it scores between 3.5 and 5. 1 According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Commercial Membership Health Plan Study, Kaiser achieves the highest ranking in four of the 21 award-eligible regions.

Many people believe that Kaiser Permanente is an excellent option because of its extensive history of providing a high level of customer service and its comprehensive website, which features many educational materials. In addition, we acknowledge the company's proactive preventative healthcare services, which allow employees to maintain their health for a more extended period.


  • A strong focus was placed on the provision of preventative care
  • Information about the plans in great detail on the website


  • Currently only available in eight states, including the District of Columbia.
  • Treatment for mental illness that moves at a snail's pace
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