Top 7 Maryland Mortgage Lenders

Dec 22, 2023 By Susan Kelly

The population of Maryland is above 6 million. There's plenty of variety in the area, from quiet Chesapeake Bay villages to the hustle and bustle of downtown Baltimore. In August 2022, the median house value in best mortgage lenders in maryland was $406,250, which is likely to climb. Zillow reports that property prices in Maryland have increased by 9% in the previous year and are forecasted to increase by another 12.3% by the end of 2023.


LendingTree is the best place to go if you want to compare loan offers from many lenders. However, LendingTree does not provide mortgages directly to borrowers. In contrast, it is a free online mortgage marketplace that may link you to more than 1,500 connected lenders. By filling out a single online form, you'll be connected with hundreds of mortgage companies in your state.

Rocket Mortgage

Quicken Loans, the largest online mortgage provider in the US, owns Rocket Mortgage. Since 2016, Rocket Mortgage has offered a digital-only service, so borrowers can apply and track their loan status without ever having to interact with a human loan officer. The loan verification procedure may be sped up by Rocket Mortgages by linking to your bank and investment accounts to check your assets and credit.


Beeline's online mortgage application is designed for the tech-savvy applicant; it can be filled out in as little as 15 minutes and from any device. Beeline is a streamlined five-step loan application that connects straight to your bank accounts for instantaneous verification of assets. Thanks to its data-driven decision-making, beeline's purchase-ready approval takes minutes rather than days.

Free Mortgage

Homebuyers in all 50 states can turn to Freedom Mortgage for assistance with purchasing or refinancing a property, regardless of their credit history or current financial situation. Customers have given the organization great marks for its dedication to serving military personnel and their families with all their mortgage financing requirements. This financial institution offers competitive FHA loan rates and originated the most in best mortgage lenders maryland in 2019.

Synergy One Lending

Customers have rave reviews for Synergy One Lending because of the professionalism, responsiveness, and overall quality of their loan officers. Mortgage applications are made easier and more efficient using Synergy One Lending's Modern Mortgage Experience technology and its excellent customer service. The S1 Connect app makes it possible to submit a mortgage application, gather required documentation, and monitor its status from a mobile device.

Mr Cooper

Nationstar Mortgage, formerly Mr Cooper Mortgage, changed its name and logo in August 2017. Although the lender's number of house loan options is limited, it makes up for this with several cost-cutting measures. Despite the firm's less-than-stellar web reputation, it could be worth considering if your poor credit score prevents you from getting a mortgage from more traditional lenders.

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union

Mortgage options for personal and secondary houses and investment properties are only one of the many individualized financial services provided by Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union. A loan from BFSFCU might help you save money since it has some of the lowest interest rates in best maryland mortgage lenders.

What Credit Score Is Needed For A Maryland Mortgage?

A mortgage in Maryland may be obtained with a credit score as low as 580, depending on the kind of loan sought. Knowing that if your score is low enough to qualify for a loan, you will pay a greater interest rate than you otherwise would is crucial. One option is to wait till your credit is well established before applying.

How Much Is A Maryland House Down Payment?

The down payment amount might vary widely depending on the kind of loan you get. One type of loan, from the Veterans Administration, needs no money down, while another, from the Federal Housing Administration, wants at least 3.5%. Any mortgage insurance premiums will be waived for borrowers who put down 20% or more.

The cost of mortgage insurance is tacked onto your monthly mortgage payment. The lender spends the cost on outside insurance protection. That way, the lender can reclaim some of their loss if you default on your loan.

What Else Should I Know About Maryland Home Buying?

Current mortgage rates in Maryland make it an alluring time to purchase a home. But before you go out and start looking at houses, you need to figure out your budget. Once you've established a spending limit, don't go over it.

Paying the mortgage out of each paycheck is one of life's most unsettling experiences. There's no need to rush into something if the present market makes you feel unsafe. If you can hold off, you'll have more time to save for a larger down payment and find the ideal lender.

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