6 Best Motorcycle Insurance in 2022

Jan 07, 2024 By Susan Kelly

There's something about riding on the road on a motorcycle's back that is thrilling. But, even the most skilled motorcycle riders aren't immune to accidents, so it's crucial to prepare with a quality motorcycle insurance policy that provides all the protection you require. When looking at the options available for motorcycle insurance, you should consider the bigger image and the smaller specifics. This includes protecting investments like custom-made parts or expensive equipment for riding, which not all companies are willing to pay for--in addition to satisfying your state's minimum requirements for liability insurance. This guide has the list of the best motorcycle insurance companies in 2022.

To help you make things easier, we delved into the fine print of policies of more than 30 national insurance providers to identify the best choices regarding discounts, coverage, satisfaction, and other benefits. Based on our research, we've compiled the top six companies for motorcycle insurance. Below, you'll find insurance offers through our advertising partners and our in-depth listing of the top motorcycle insurance providers we've come across.


Markel is a long-standing insurance company that writes policies for almost all kinds of motorcycles, including (but not only) tourers, bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, and even custom-built motorcycles. Rated highly from AM Best, Markel offers extensive insurance coverage for riders and motorcycles.

The policy starts at about $50 per year. The collision and comprehensive coverage deductibles vary from around 250 to $2000. Additional coverage is offered in 1,000-dollar intervals ranging from $1,000 to $30,000. The coverage also covers injuries to the body or property damage as well as the liability of passengers for other people.


Progressive is the most suitable option in terms of affordable liability-only insurance. This lower coverage is most useful for those riding motorbikes that have been already paid off or who choose to use a less expensive bike they can afford to replace with their own money.

Similar to liability-only auto insurance, liability coverage pays for any damages you cause another person or their property when riding your bike. This coverage level is generally the minimum required by law; however, lenders may require those who pay off their motorcycles to have full coverage insurance. Progressive provides the lowest rates on liability-only insurance. Be aware that the rates you pay are based on various factors, such as your conviction and history of accidents and the number of years you've spent on a motorbike.

Progressive clearly understands that motorcyclists typically bear the majority of the blame in the event of an accident, which is a large reason why their liability insurance is extremely low.


Dairyland provides some of the most affordable motorcycle insurance options for riders with high-risk the company is known for providing low rates for even those with checked driving reports. But, Dairyland offers motorcycle insurance that isn't nationwide, so it is important to check if it's available in your area before requesting the quote. Dairyland is a less well-known name than the companies listed above, yet it holds the A+ rating by the BBB as well as the Aplus financial strength score by AM Best.

Safeco Insurance

Safeco Insurance is a top manufacturer of motorcycle insurance, which can be tailored to the specific needs of each user. Based on your specific needs, the policy can provide the standard insurance coverages like injuries to the body, guest passengers, or property damage liability, in addition to more extensive options such as collision medical, comprehensive, and collision insurance for payment. Insurance policyholders can take advantage of various options to lower their premium costs.

In addition to the standard savings strategies, such as selecting higher deductibles or bundling policies--Safeco policyholders can benefit from various motorcycle-specific discounts. For instance, customers are eligible for a discount after completing one of the motorcycle-specific safety courses approved by Safeco, such as completing the class or keeping an active membership in a riding club and storing their bikes in a locked garage or another secure location. The cost of your insurance will automatically decrease when you experience more riding.


Harley-Davidson provides an array of discounts, including discounts for those who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In addition, they offer savings for those who complete their new H-D Riding Academy rider's course and cash back for homeowners who insure their homes through an insurance company. Although they provide perks to owners of the Harley and other bikes, anyone who owns a motorbike of any type, moped, and scooter can get coverage through them.


GEICO is a household name in car insurance, and it's not surprising that they also provide insurance for motorcycles. Those who own sports bikes, motorcycles with high CC engines, or motorcycles with high accidents will be pleased to know that GEICO provides the most competitive rates for their requirements. The traffic tickets and accidents in your record can greatly influence your insurance rates. However, GEICO provides some of the highest rates for motorcyclists with an unclean record as a driver. They also offer discounts for riders on motorcycles and discounts of the possibility of 10% off for those who are over 50 and that renew their motorbike insurance through GEICO.


If you're faced with myriad options, choosing which insurance providers offer low-cost, high-quality insurance isn't easy. Be aware that the top insurance providers for motorcycles specialize in a variety of kinds of insurance. The most reliable provider for vintage trikes or sports bikes might differ from those for customized motorcycles. Based on these factors, we opted for Markel as our top choice due to its broad range of discounts, useful tools, and financial stability.

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