A Guide to Find: Best Nanny Payroll Services

Feb 04, 2024 By Susan Kelly


At NannyPaye, we can find the best nanny payroll services and not presume about hidden prices. Everything we do has a precise cost, and we don't change your membership if you change one's Payroll or charge you for a replacement nanny if your regular one is sick or expecting.

Many companies offer what at first seems to be the same thing, so it can be hard to decide which one to work with for your payroll needs. We get almost all of our new clients through word of mouth at NannyPaye, of which we are very proud. Over the past 18 years, we have worked very hard to ensure that our clients get the best service possible, and we always try to go the extra mile when we can.

Payroll can be done right or wrong, just like many other things. When you know as much about Payroll as we do here at NannyPaye, we can tell you many things that save you money. If we can find ways to cut costs on your account, we will always use those ways. We think we are such a successful business because we care about you and enjoy saving you money.

Sure Payroll

Everyone agrees that Sure Payroll is the best nanny payroll service, no matter where you look. Setting up Sure Payroll is easy. It should only take five easy steps and no more than 45 minutes to get started. Also, as long as all your information is correct, Sure Payroll will take care of all one's filings, and there shouldn't be any problems.

Even though setting up Sure Payroll should be easy, there are customer service reps who can answer your questions to the respondents by email or through chat. The people at Sure Payroll also understand how important it is to be able to use it on a phone or tablet. So, they made a mobile app that lets you do everything from approved hours to pay workers.

Savvy Nanny

Savvy Nanny Payroll Supplier is the best choice if you plan to hire more than one nanny. With this service, you'll get the software you need to pay and file state and federal taxes, sometimes called the "nanny tax."

Because the app synchronizes with QuickBooks, you can also make pay stubs and pay wages thru direct deposit. You can even download and look at online payroll details. This service is cheap, and the prices are the same no matter how many babysitters you hire.

The interface for the payroll provider in the app is straightforward to use. The platform's help center and to-do list will make it easier for you to stay organized and not miss any deadlines. The tool's wizard makes it easier to set up because it walks users through each step.


Those who use care.com may have did hear of Homepay. It's part of a company and takes care of the nannies' paychecks. Homepay makes sure that your taxes are filed on time and correctly.

Homepay will direct the downpayment of your nanny's pay and figure out their withholdings and net income for a fee of $75 per month. Payroll is also fully automated, and records and paystubs can be viewed and downloaded online.

Homeopathy is a nanny payroll service that lets you set up federal and archived tax records and view them online. Some people say that, for what it does, this is one of the more expensive services. So, think about everything before you make a final choice.

Best Nanny Payroll Services

Finding a new and different payroll service provider takes much comparing and contrasting. We looked at a lot of other things, like how easy it was to use the software and interface, how much it cost, how flexible the fees were, how easy it was to use if you could do your taxes yourself or get help, how good the customer service was, and how complete the service was.

Our top pick, SurePayroll, stood out because it was affordable and flexible. Savvy Nanny Payroll Services got our budget pick because it has a flat rate and features like automatic vehicle payroll and versatile customer service. GTM Payroll Services made our list because of its advantages, and Poppins Payroll stood out because of its easy use.


Using a nanny payroll software can save you a lot of time when paying your nanny and taking out her taxes. When looking for a nanny payroll service, one of the most important things to look for is one that is easy to use. A service like this should make it easier for you to pay your nannies. You don't want to worry about the service, from setting it up to the actual Payroll.

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