Best Tax Preparation Services

Nov 06, 2023 By Triston Martin

Calculations, preparation, and filing income returns can become daunting tasks. Form after form could make the process quite overwhelming. And when you add the tax deductions and tax credits, our sense of sanity could be at risk. But anxiety doesn't need to take over your life. The tax preparation and preparer services are readily available to assist.

The most effective tax preparation service will likely suit your needs. Taxpayers filing taxes based on income through an employer will have different requirements than those who file and work for themselves. Additionally, the complexity of the tax deductions and credits may lead to a person choosing professional tax preparation.

H&R Block

H&R Block is a leading player in the tax preparation industry, renowned for its extensive capabilities and reliability, which position it as a top contender in the field. The company offers a variety of tax services, including DIY tax software and three tiers of full-service tax preparation, catering to different taxpayer needs. Between May 1, 2019, and July 17, 2020, H&R Block prepared approximately 21.2 million tax returns, accounting for about one-seventh of all U.S. tax filings. This vast experience underscores its dominance in the market.

Clients looking to have their taxes prepared by H&R Block can choose from several convenient options. The company operates over 111,000 retail locations nationwide, and in January 2021, it enhanced its accessibility by launching an online platform for tax services.

For in-person services, H&R Block offers two primary modes of tax preparation:

  1. On-Site Tax Preparation: This option allows you to sit with a tax professional at a local H&R Block office or collaborate remotely from home as they prepare your return. This face-to-face interaction ensures that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly.
  2. Drop-Off Service: For those with a busy schedule, this service allows you to drop off your tax documents at an H&R Block location. A tax professional will then use the appropriate forms to calculate your taxes. You will need to return to the office to finalize the paperwork.

Both in-office options are priced at $80 for standard tax returns, with an additional fee for each state tax return filed.

H&R Block also offers a fully virtual tax preparation option, where you can upload your tax documents and have them prepared by an H&R Block professional without ever needing to visit an office. This digital convenience, combined with the company’s broad presence and competitive pricing, makes H&R Block a top choice for taxpayers seeking reliable and versatile tax preparation services.

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is a prominent tax preparation company known for its simplicity and accessibility, offering a variety of options for filing taxes online or in person. With over 6,000 locations nationwide, including 3,000 within Walmart stores, Jackson Hewitt provides convenient access for taxpayers who prefer to multitask while running errands.

Convenience and Accessibility

Many Jackson Hewitt locations are open during evenings and weekends, accommodating taxpayers with busy schedules who need flexible timing for their tax preparation. This widespread availability makes it easy for clients to find a time and place that suits their lifestyle.

In-Person and Online Tax Preparation

For in-person tax services, taxpayers can start by uploading their tax forms on the Jackson Hewitt website or by using their smartphone camera to take pictures and upload the documents directly. For those who find online uploading challenging, Jackson Hewitt offers a straightforward drop-off service. You can bring your tax documents to a local office, leave them with a professional, and return later for a comprehensive review of your completed tax return. Both appointment and walk-in options are available, providing further flexibility.

The cost of services at Jackson Hewitt varies depending on the complexity of the tax return and the number of forms required.

Year-Round Tax Resolution Services

Aside from seasonal tax preparation, Jackson Hewitt also offers Tax Resolution Services throughout the year, available in forty-two states. This service helps customers address various tax issues such as tax refunds, notices, and property liens. It starts with a free consultation, with subsequent costs tailored to the specifics of the client’s needs.

Overall Choice

Jackson Hewitt's flexibility, extended hours, and convenient locations inside popular retail settings like Walmart, coupled with the option for detailed, personalized service at their branches, make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a straightforward and adaptable tax preparation service. Whether choosing to engage online or face-to-face, Jackson Hewitt's approach caters to the diverse needs of today’s taxpayers, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

TurboTax Live

TurboTax is probably most well-known as the biggest company that offers tax preparation online software consistently on the top of DIY tax software lists; however, it also offers an option where an expert tax advisor takes all the responsibility on the internet. No matter where you are in the procedure, if you've already started the tax return process and discover that you require assistance, TurboTax Live can be chosen, and you can send your tax return to them anytime.

If you opt for the all-inclusive TurboTax Live option, pricing ranges from $199 for basic returns to $389 for more complex returns. There is also an additional charge for state taxes and numerous forms. In addition, the cost of the software ranges between $79 and $199.

Since it's entirely online, TurboTax is ideal for taxpayers who are at ease with computers and technological advances. This also means that there's the option of dropping off. If, however, you're an electronic user, TurboTax offers the most seamless, user-friendly digital experience, with comparable prices to other tax preparation companies.

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