Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable?

Jan 04, 2024 By Triston Martin

The Components of Bitcoin Mining

Before the release of the new Bitcoin mining software in 2013, mining was done using personal computers. After introducing application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips, which could offer 100 trillion times the capacity of earlier personal computers and personal computers to mine, bitcoins became inefficient and outdated. Although Bitcoin mining is theoretically feasible using older equipment, it is clear that it's not a lucrative venture.

This is due to the way miners contend to decrypt hash issues in the quickest time possible, and those at a disadvantage in computational power have no chance of solving the problem before getting paid bitcoins. If miners were using the older machines, the difficulties in mining bitcoins were approximately similar to the cost of bitcoins. However, with the new machines, some issues resulted from the expense of purchasing and running the latest equipment and their limited availability.

Profitability Before and After ASIC

Old-timers (say the year 2009) mining bitcoins on their personal computers could earn a profit for various reasons. The first reason is that these miners already owned their computers, which meant that equipment costs were virtually nonexistent. They could alter the settings on their machines to run faster and with less strain. Then, some times were before the professional Bitcoin mining facilities with huge computing power were introduced to the market. The early miners had to compete against other private miners using home computers. The competition was on a level on the same level. Even though electricity prices varied according to geographic regions, the differences were not enough to discourage people from mining.

When ASICs were introduced, the game shifted. Individuals were now contending with modern mining equipment that had increased computer capability. Mining revenues were being reduced by expenditures such as purchasing new computers and paying more electricity to power this new technology, combined with the laborious continuous mining work.

The Difficulty of Mining Bitcoin

As mentioned above, the difficulty rate for mining Bitcoin is variable. It fluctuates approximately every two weeks to ensure consistent production of verifiable block blocks used in the Blockchain (and consequently bitcoins released in circulation). The more difficult the rate is, the less likely an individual mining expert will complete the hashing problem and earn Bitcoins. In recent times, the difficulty rate has increased dramatically. When Bitcoin first came out in 2009, the difficulty was just one. At the time of writing, the difficulty is now over 30 trillion. This is a good indication of how much harder it is to mine Bitcoin today than just a decade earlier.

Profitability in Today's Environment

Bitcoin mining could be a good idea and profitable for certain individuals. Equipment is much easier to acquire and more affordable, even though the most competitive ASICs can cost between just a few hundred dollars to around $10,000. To remain competitive, some machines have been modified. For instance, certain equipment allows users to change settings to decrease energy usage and thus reduce the overall costs. Before purchasing fixed-cost equipment, prospective miners must analyze the cost-benefit to determine their break-even point. The elements needed to perform this calculation include:

Cost of Energy:

What does your electricity cost? Remember that rates vary based on the time of year, the timing of the day, and other elements. This information is available in your bill for electricity (measured by kWh). Electricity isn't only needed to run computations on mining equipment but also to cool them down and keep the systems from overheating.


The value of this is a function of the difficulty level and the efficiency in the number of calculations you make with your mining system to complete the game. In simple terms, it could be defined as your system's energy (in the watts).


How long do you anticipate the amount of time you'll be mining? To increase your chances of finding a profitable block, many miners use their mining systems for longer durations, provided they can pay for the expenses.

Value of Bitcoin:

The value of bitcoin at present can be described as the profit you earn from your investment in the cost of mining bitcoin. What is the price of bitcoin in U.S. dollars or another official currency?

There are numerous online profitability calculators, like the one offered by CryptoCompare potential miners can use to evaluate the cost-benefit analysis associated with Bitcoin mining. Profitability calculators vary slightly as well and are occasionally more complicated than others. Perform your analysis several times, using various price levels for both the price of power and bitcoins' value. Additionally, alter the level of difficulty and see what effect that has on the analysis. Decide at what price Bitcoin mining can be profitable for you. That means you have reached your break-even value.

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