Can You Use PayPal on Amazon?

Jan 14, 2024 By Susan Kelly

In the world of shopping online, Amazon and PayPal are frequently utilized. If you've ever attempted to use your PayPal balance to buy something from Amazon, you're aware that PayPal isn't a recognized payment technique. You can, of course, make a transfer of your PayPal balance into your bank account and make use of the funds however you like; however, if you intend to use it to purchase items on Amazon, there are a few ways to do it.

Customers love shopping and like to pay with PayPal. However, you can't use PayPal on Amazon directly. You can't always join two of your favorite online shopping activities, at least not in a direct way. Some loopholes let you make payments for Amazon purchases using PayPal. Learn about ways to allow you to use your PayPal account to shop on Amazon.

Using a PayPal Cash Card

A debit card that permits users to check their PayPal Cash Plus balance at any merchant which accepts Mastercard. Because Amazon accepts Mastercard, it is possible to use the PayPal Cash Card to make purchases through Amazon. All you need to do is include the PayPal Cash Card as a payment option when you log in to your Amazon account and choose "Your Payments," or add the PayPal Cash Card as an alternative payment option at the time of the checkout.

The PayPal Cash Card may not be the best option for Amazon shopping. The top credit cards for Amazon purchases provide cashback and rewards for travel that aren't available by using PayPal Cash Card. PayPal Cash Card does not offer any reward points on purchases, meaning that if you're looking to earn rewards on your credit card when you shop, you'll have to select another payment method.

Using PayPal Key

PayPal Key is a brand new digital payment method that permits customers to pay for purchases using either the money in their PayPal account or using the linked credit or debit card. It is possible to use it at an online merchant which accepts Mastercard. When the merchant doesn't have PayPal button. As you'd like to use Key, all you need to do is input the 16-digit PayPal Key number, the time of expiration, and the security code to use it as the Amazon option to pay. Because PayPal Key allows you to pay with any credit card that is linked with the PayPal account, pairing PayPal Key with one of the most popular cards used for online shopping can allow you to earn more reward points on your purchases, regardless of whether you're shopping at Amazon or any other site.

Purchase Amazon Gift Cards Using PayPal

There's another option to use PayPal on Amazon: to purchase Amazon gift cards using PayPal. You can do this with a PayPal account. Find a store that offers Amazon gift cards that will accept PayPal (eBay is a great example). You can make your purchase; you can then use the Amazon gift cards the subsequent time you buy at Amazon. Making purchases with Amazon gift cards can be an excellent method to utilize PayPal Credit on Amazon purchases. Because you can use PayPal Credit with your PayPal Credit account anywhere PayPal accepts credit cards, purchasing Amazon gift cards using PayPal Credit provides you with the chance to use your PayPal credit line to purchase items on Amazon. You need to purchase Amazon gift cards before purchasing them.

Why Isn't Amazon Allow PayPal Directly?

While there's no formal explanation given, it is possible to speculate that Amazon does not accept PayPal due to the fact that both companies are, in a way, competitors. PayPal was controlled by eBay and is also an Amazon competitor. Even though PayPal has separated from eBay, Amazon has dipped its feet into the waters of online payment through the Amazon Pay payment service.

Do You Know How to Move Funds from Amazon into PayPal?

While there isn't a direct way to transfer funds via Amazon Pay to your PayPal account, you can accomplish this with just a few steps. Begin by withdrawing funds directly from the Amazon Pay account balance into your bank account linked to that account. Then, as long as you connect that account with your PayPal account, you are able to transfer the money into your PayPal balance. Be aware that this is only applicable to the balance that is in an Amazon Pay account. An ordinary Amazon gift or credit card balance is not redeemable to cash.

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