Where Can I Buy Cheap Personal Checks: 5 Best Places

Feb 15, 2024 By Triston Martin

While writing a check to cover your monthly expenses is a breeze, doing it too often might cause complications. You may expect a free starting checkbook from your bank if you're a new customer, but after that, you'll have to buy your own.

While reordering checks from your existing bank may seem the most cost-effective solution, more affordable alternatives may better meet your demands. Rather than getting your checks from your bank, buying them online may save time and money. Cutting out the middleman when obtaining checks online results in cost savings.

If, for any reason, the checks you get don't live up to your expectations, you may send them back and get a full refund when you purchase checks online. It implies that if there is an error in the printing process, they will pay to have it redone, and you won't have to pay anything more. Here are the best 5 places where you can buy cheap personal checks.

5 Places To Buy Cheap Personal Checks

Carousel Checks

Checks, deposit tickets, checkbook covers, coin sleeves, and ink stamps are some banking essentials that can be purchased at Carousel Checks, an online retailer. Single personal checks on the site start at only $6.99 for an entire box. In addition, a box of 150 business checks can be purchased for as low as $19.95.

A wide variety of customization choices are available for your checks if you are kind to personalize them. Hundreds of different patterns are available, with topics ranging from flowers and cuisine to sports and music. With all these great features, it's easily one of the top online check-ordering resources.

You can be certain that your financial data is safe with Carousel Checks since it is a BBB-accredited firm that follows industry-standard security procedures. Safeguards such as heat-sensitive ink and covert fluorescent threads can be included in your custom security checks if you so want.

Costco Checks

Costco Checks has partnered with Harland Clark Check Printing to provide a comprehensive selection of check designs. A wide variety of check patterns is available, from scenes from your favorite movies to cute illustrations of animals.

The 25 security elements included in this company's high-security checks are one of the finest ways they assist consumers in staying safe from fraud and identity theft. High-security elements include watermarks, holograms, heat-sensitive ink, and invisible and visible fluorescent threads.

The company's dedication to offering excellent customer service and free shipping are further advantages. Costo's minimum order quantity is 200 checks, which costs roughly $30 for businesses and Gold Star members.

Bradford Exchange Checks

If you need to buy checks online and cheaply, another reliable option is Bradford Exchange Checks. They have helpful representatives available seven days a week, and they give outstanding customer service. To guarantee their clients are always satisfied, Bradford Exchange Checks use cutting-edge printing technology and security procedures.

One of the many benefits is that they provide personalized check design services, which most banks don't offer. It usually takes 12–15 business days for the free standard shipping option to arrive.

However, you may use alternate routes to speed up the arrival of a group of checks. Also, banks will accept Bradford Exchange Checks since they are produced to retail and financial sector standards. So, a box of 120 single checks will set you back a minimum of $9.99 before taxes.

Walmart Checks

Walmart is well-known as a one-stop shop where customers can get nearly anything at low prices. Walmart Checks is another option, in case you weren't aware. The major advantage is knowing you can trust Walmart as a company.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Walmart sells hundreds of different check patterns. These designs feature anything from Disney and Star Wars to the American Society for Preventing Cruelty to Animals. Walmart Checks isn't just for the home; it's also a wonderful location to stock up on business essentials like deposit slips, envelopes, ink stamps, and computer or paper checks.

CheckSafe is an additional service provided by Walmart that guards against counterfeit, stolen, or fraudulent checks by verifying the authenticity of the signer, endorser, and check number. The service protects you for a year after your purchase or until you cash your last check, whichever comes first.

Checks in the Mail

Checks in the Mail is the place to go if you or your business need inexpensive checks. Checks in the Mail is the perfect location to get inexpensive checks if you're on a budget since they provide single checkbooks for as little as $5.25. In addition, you may get cheap company checks from the site.

Like other online check retailers, Checks in the Mail lets customers select from many personal and business check order patterns. The site's fast reordered form is a really useful addition.

The site will immediately create your shopping basket when you log in with your previously used email and payment details. If you need your checks quickly, you may have them from Checks in the Mail in as little as a week. It takes safety seriously, too, with a Fraud Armor service and other safeguards for a full year.


To avoid unnecessary fees and the risk of identity theft, only buy checks from a trustworthy and affordable provider rather than your bank. Bank checks may be expensive, especially if you need to purchase them regularly. Online ordering may save you a lot of money, and there are many places to get them now.

Checking around for the best deal is a must. When ordering checks online, finding out how much your bank charges is a good idea. Never settle for the first website you find. Compare the pricing they're offering and remember that there are other variables besides the price while making your decision.

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