The Top-Rated, Most Affordable Automobile Insurance In Montana For 2022

Feb 15, 2024 By Susan Kelly

The Guides Auto Team has scoured Montana for the most affordable auto insurance policies. We compared prices, coverage, ratings, and reviews across the board to find the top and cheapest auto insurance providers in the Treasure State.

Cost breakdowns for many common driver profiles and suggested service providers are included below. Moreover, you'll be able to get familiar with the insurance rules and regulations in Montana.

The Good Driver Discount on Montana Car Insurance

Our research shows that USAA offers the most cost-effective auto insurance rates in Montana to safe drivers. Only service personnel, veterans, and their families are eligible to get vehicle insurance through USAA. Good drivers in Montana can also get rates from Geico and State Farm that are lower than the state average.

Cheap Montana Auto Insurance For Speeding Drivers

The average increase in Montana auto insurance premiums due to a speeding ticket is 22 per cent. More than $300 each year. USAA offers the most affordable vehicle insurance in Montana for drivers with recent speeding tickets, so if you or a loved one are in the military, it's a good place to start shopping for coverage. Cheaper insurance coverage is available for drivers who have received a speeding citation from Geico and State Farm.

Montana Vehicle Insurance For Accident-Causing Drivers

If you cause an accident that results in bodily damage to another person in Montana, your auto insurance premiums will increase by more than $600 annually. However, the amount you pay extra for auto insurance may vary depending on which insurer you choose.

The assessment of major insurance providers in Montana found that USAA provided the most affordable vehicle insurance for drivers who had recently been involved in an accident that resulted in injuries.

However, remember that USAA insurance is only available to veterans, active-duty military, and their families. Insurance policies from State Farm and Geico are also available at low prices.

Affordable DUI Vehicle Insurance In Montana

The average auto insurance rate increases due to a DUI conviction in Montana are 52%. However, if you compare rates from several insurance providers, you may be able to reduce that rise.

State Farm Insurance, for example, typically hikes rates by only 7 per cent in Montana following a DUI. In addition to having rates lower than the state average, USAA and Progressive also provide competitive premiums.

Affordable Montana Auto Insurance For 18–25-Year-Olds

Car insurance premiums for young drivers are often higher than for those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Nevertheless, not all insurers in Montana offer the same premiums, so shopping around is essential for finding the best deal.

For young Montana drivers, Progressive, State Farm, and Geico all provide competitive premiums. USAA is an option for individuals who meet their requirements.

Affordable Montana Teen Driver Car Insurance

The premium goes through the roof when adding a teenager to a parent's Montana vehicle insurance coverage. Our research shows Nationwide and Geico have the most competitive insurance rates in Montana, with premium increases for adding a teen driver significantly lower than the statewide average. Always inquire about discounts when purchasing auto insurance, as this can assist in reducing the premium increase caused by adding a juvenile driver to your policy.

Must-Have Minimum Montana Auto-Related Coverage

Motorists in Montana are required by law to carry liability coverage on their vehicles. One of the most important types of insurance, liability coverage, helps compensate for the harm you do to others.

If someone sues you because of an auto accident, your liability insurance will cover the cost of defending you in court. You could file a claim against the other driver's liability insurance if they caused an accident. In the state of Montana, motorists are required to have liability coverage of at least.

  • Single-person bodily injury: $25,000
  • $50,000 for numerous physical injuries in one accident
  • One mishap caused $20,000 in property damage.

Montana Auto Insurance Quotes Online Comparison

Insurance quotes may be obtained online from most Montana vehicle insurance providers. These quotations are about right.

  • When comparing auto insurance policies, ensure that all insurers have the same maximum information. If you want to get quotations from many companies but only pay $300,000 in bodily responsibility per accident, you should mention that amount when asking for quotes.
  • Use the vehicle insurance calculator to receive a rough price without giving out personal information. Including more details is necessary for a more accurate quote. It's possible to utilize ratings to determine which quote-searching websites to check out.
  • The most cost-effective auto insurance in Montana may be found at USAA, State Farm, or GEICO. This list might serve as a good place to begin your search.
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