Review of the Citi Credit Cards mobile app

Nov 11, 2023 By Triston Martin

Find out what you can do with the Citi mobile app and what you need to do online, via a computer, or by calling customer support.


You may manage your Citi account with the app's usual features, such as making payments, redeeming rewards, and customizing alerts. The app provides several useful features, such as:

Safety and access control

Signing in requires a fingerprint scan, Face ID, or a user ID and password. Under the "profile" menu, you can also configure a personal identification number (PIN) for the second layer of security when logging in. In addition to keeping tabs on your current balance, you can set up notifications in the app to notify you when the payment is due, when a transaction surpasses a specific amount, and so on.

If your Citi card is lost or stolen, you can lock it with only two taps. When the lock is engaged, no new charges or cash advances can be made, but regular payments, balance transfers, and credits will continue to be processed as usual.

Checking credit ratings

The "services" page or a quick link inside the screen that details your credit card activity provides access to your FICO score. Keeping an eye on your FICO score and learning more about the components that go into determining it is now as easy as tapping a shortcut.

Brief History of Redemptions and Rewards

Your current rewards balance may be viewed by clicking the card icon on the homepage. You can access your redemption choices by clicking through to that page. If you have a ThankYou-earning credit card from Citi, like the Citi Premier® Card or the Citi Rewards+® Card, you may get a summary of your rewards earnings and overall billing periods with a click.

The Possibility of a Payment Schedule

Your card's transaction history will reveal which transactions can be made with Citi Flex Pay. With this plan, you can spread the cost of a sizable buyout over a predetermined number of monthly installments at a predetermined interest rate.

Add your card to your preferred digital wallet, such as Apple Wallet, PayPal, or Click to Pay, and make payments from anywhere with an internet connection. You can use these services to complete a digital checkout in-store or online, even if you don't have a credit card with you or access to that card's information.

Tools that reduce wait times

Time-saving options abound in the Citi mobile app. Review the following settings to make the most of the app:

Use Citi Mobile Snapshot. By selecting this option, you may quickly see your account balance and activity without having to log in every time. Access the setting by going to your profile in the app and tapping the toggle button.

Efficient shortcuts:

Underneath your account balance, you'll see buttons that let you activate a new card, notify the issuer of your upcoming travel plans, view your FICO credit score, and lock your card if it's ever lost or stolen.

Technique for Asking for More Credit: Credit limit increases can be requested from the screen that displays your credit card transactions and interest rates. You may need to contact the issuer directly to make such a request.

Instant messaging with support staff in apps

If you ever need human assistance, the app provides a handy instant chat button for quick access to support staff. The app also includes that number if you'd rather speak to a human being about your issue over the phone.


The app's monthly expenditure overview could use more categories and could do a better job of appropriately categorizing transactions. (This can also occur on the online version on rare occasions.) Current expenditures cover retail, dining out, vacationing, medical care, and more.

It's easy to locate Citi Offers, but finding the ones that will help you save the most money, get the most rewards points, and take advantage of the most perks is another story. To learn about the most current discounts, you'll need to dig into the "services" section and check out the "rewards and benefits" section.

Comparing the desktop computer to a mobile device

The mobile app is not too different from the experience you'll get when logging in through a desktop browser, but some helpful features, such as merchant deals, are more readily accessible on the site's desktop version. And if you ever need to view your card's perks or request a copy of the member agreement, you'll need to do it online or call customer support. There is no way for the app to obtain that data.

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