A Comprehensive Analysis of The Mastercard Credit Card On eBay

Feb 18, 2024 By Triston Martin

Customers of Synchrony Bank's eBay Mastercard credit card, which offers rewards redeemable for future eBay purchases, are those who shop on the platform frequently and wish to earn rewards they may use toward that purpose. Even though who can use the card for other purchases, the main value of the card is the increased rewards earning rate for eBay purchases.

If you set up a new eBay Mastercard during the first 30 days of your account opening, you will receive a $50 incentive statement credit. It ends on May 9, 2022.

Guaranteed Income Rate

Earn 5X points every $1 spent on eBay for the remainder of the year if you spend $999 in a financial year on eBay. You will earn 3X tickets per $1 spent on eBay until then. Earn twice as many points for every dollar spent on petrol, restaurants, and grocery. You'll get 1 point for every dollar spent whenever you use your Mastercard.

Are You a Good Candidate for This Credit Card?"

It's unlikely that this card is for you if you don't regularly browse eBay. If you don't already have an eBay account, you'll need one to request the card, and you'll only be able to redeem your points on the platform. If you're an eBay enthusiast, you might be a good candidate for this card. In places like filling stations, eateries, and food outlets, you'll be able to earn more money and have more options with various cash back and incentive accounts.

A Lot of Money Is Saved By Using eBay

In the long run, the scores can mount up, especially when you hit $1,000 this year - and the scoring rate goes from three trials per $1 to 5 credits per $1.

Points with a Low Value

While many other reward cards offer a penny per mile or point, you only get 0.67 cents for every mile or point you achieve with The Balance.

Acquiring Reward Points

Every dollar spent on eBay during the calendar year will earn you three points. You'll get 5 points for every dollar you spend for the rest of the year. You'll get 2 points for $1 spent at petrol pumps, restaurants, and groceries and 1 point for all other transactions.

Receipting Points

Using your points to pay for purchases on eBay and any applicable taxes and shipping costs is possible. You can't use your points for anything until you've accumulated 1,500. Following this step, you can use your locations in any amount at checkout, even if it's just 1 cent! Every 5000 points on eBay equate to a $10 discount on purchases. Put another way; each point is now worth just 0.67 cents.

It costs $2,000 on eBay sales to get 8,000 points for the year. An additional 4,000 points are yours if you spend an additional $2,000 on gas, dining out, and shopping (the other bonus categories). Your $4,000 spend would net you 12,000 points, equivalent to $80, or 2% of your money back, total. When looking for a credit card, look for one that offers larger rewards on shopping, gas, or restaurants and a redemption value of 1 penny per point or higher.

Cards that aren't linked to a certain company or product tend to have more latitude in redemption.

Making The Most of Your Credit Card

If you open the new eBay Mastercard® during the first 30 days of your account opening, you will receive a $50 bonus report credit. It ends on May 9, 2022. Using this passport for all eBay transactions is the greatest way to rack up points that who can redeem for discounts on future purchases for big spenders. To begin earning a total score per $1, you must hit the $1,000 yearly expenditure level sooner.

You are lifting heavy a balance month-to-month, though, when you approach that level. According to The Balance's continuous monitoring of interest rates, the interest rates available with this card ranged from just below the median for all personal loans to approximately seven percentage points more than the average. Non-eBay purchases can almost likely be rewarded better with general rewards points or rewards cards than eBay-specific cards.

Experience for the Customer

Sadly, Synchrony Bank, the card's issuer, isn't getting the best grades for customer support. " In the J.D. Power and Associates 2021 U.S. Credit Card Comfort Study, the bank came in ninth out of 11 international credit card companies and scored below average. 1 At the very least, you may expect some of the normal big-bank capabilities, such as 24-hour phone and online account access and customer support chat during certain daytime and nighttime periods.

Several Security Measures Can Be

There are basic security protections on the eBay Mastercard line of credit, including 0% liability for fraudulent transactions. In the event of identity theft, you'll receive free Mastercard ID Theft Support and protection by obtaining an ID Theft Affidavit if you're a victim of theft.

This Is How We Do It

Credit card evaluations at The Balance are always objective and in-depth. As a result, we gather information from hundreds of cards and rate more than 50 aspects that affect your money.

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