Expedia Rewards Credit Card Review: A Beginners Guide

Dec 29, 2023 By Triston Martin

Every year, Expedia helps book millions of trips. Travel bookings, including air travel, resorts, car rentals, and much more, can be found at a discount on the famous online travel global market. Expedia has two branded bank cards that may be used to cover the cost of upcoming vacations booked on the website. An Expedia Rewards Card, for example, lets you accumulate points toward free travel and then redeem them for actual cash. This free trip rewards credit card is great for people who love Expedia, but does it provide better worth than other, more versatile trip rewards cards? Given Expedia Rewards Credit Card Review explains the advantages, disadvantages, and other aspects of the card so that you can decide if it's the right choice for you.

To Whom Should The Expedia Reward Card Be Issued?

Expedia Rewards Card is designed for regular travelers who use Expedia.com to make their travel arrangements. It is possible to earn rewards when you use the famous online travel website to book flights, hotel rooms, car hire, cruises, and vacations. Expedia allows you to redeem your points for travel rewards.

Beginners in the travel rewards world will benefit greatly from the Citi co-branded credit card. Unlike Citi's Expedia Rewards Voyage credit card, which has a $95 annual fee, this card doesn't have any perks. The Rewards Card may be a better option for you if you want to dip your toes into the world of travel rewards and enjoy the freedom of reserving through Expedia. If you don't intend to book a lot of travel via Expedia, the Expedia Card isn't for you. All but a few of its rewards are linked to the travel website.

Advantages and Rewards of Using an Expedia Rewards Card

The Generous Welcoming Gift

After choosing to spend $1,000 during the first three months of account creation, new cardholders get 15,000 points. The offer is valued at $105 toward trips via Expedia.com.

Silver Status

Expedia Rewards Silver level is automatically granted to cardholders. At VIP membership hotels, you'll get free morning tea and spa vouchers as well as a price match assurance and an additional 10% off certain Expedia hotel reservations when you have Silver membership. You'll get an additional 10% in reward points when you use the site to book a trip.

Citi Entertainment

The Citi Entertainment program is available to cardholders of the Expedia Rewards Card, which is a Citi credit card. A rare once-in-a-lifetime event, festival, and adventure tickets are available via the program.

No Annual Fee

The Expedia credit card has no yearly fee. Expedia Rewards Card doesn't charge any additional fees, so you enjoy all of the cards worth every year you keep your account open.

No International Transaction Fees

If you often travel abroad, you'll like the fact that you won't have to pay any transaction fees with your credit card. This card doesn't charge any overseas transaction fees.

Disadvantages of Expedia Rewards Card

Points Can End

Expired Expedia Rewards points will be forfeited if you don't utilize or collect them within 18 months.

Redemptions Are Restricted

The only way to utilize a redemption code is inside the Expedia network. Redeeming for cash or transferring across partner programs is not a possibility.

No Additional Benefits

Traveling credit, rental vehicle coverage, and other travel insurance protections are lacking from the Expedia Rewards card, a travel reward card.

How to Get the Most XP

In order to fast rack up Expedia points, invest enough in your card's welcome bonus. In the first three months after opening your card, most consumers may easily spend $1,000 and get 15,000 bonus points. You also get extra points for every dollar you spend on the card, with the greatest level of 3X credits for each dollar spent on qualified Expedia purchases. Some Expedia purchases won't get you extra points. Travel reservations are not qualifying purchases, such as those for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

  • Hotel reservations made via the website but not paid in advance
  • Expedia.com's "Vacation Rentals" option may be used to book properties.
  • Rental cars that aren't part of a package deal
  • Reservations for cruises

Additionally, the Expedia Rewards Visa card comes with Silver Status, which gives you an extra 10% more credits on qualified Expedia transactions; as previously stated, Only travel-related transactions are eligible for extra points on the Expedia Rewards Credit Card. Spending money outside of Expedia earns you 1X the points.

A number of Expedia Points Required to Get a Complimentary Flight?

In order to reserve a free flight with Expedia, there is a minimum amount of Expedia Rewards credits that must be met. An Expedia airfare (with taxes and surcharges) will take 42,000 points if you consider that each point is worth one dollar. It's important to keep in mind that you may only use points to pay for travel if they cover the total bill, including additional taxes.


If you often use Expedia.com to plan your vacation, the Expedia Card is a good option for your credit card portfolio. It is not a particularly adaptable rewards credit card due to the fact that the majority of the credit earning & expenditure takes place inside the domain of Expedia. However, this card may be worth the price if you're a long-time Expedia customer.

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