Reasons to Hire an Expert Real Estate Agent

Feb 19, 2024 By Susan Kelly

When you need to sell your present home or are looking to acquire one, use a seasoned real estate agent. Working with a novice realtor could waste your time and money; you can even miss out on your ideal house.

Analyze Your Experience

Instead of asking the agent how much experience they have, please find out how frequently they have renewed their real estate license. For instance, in California, real estate licenses are issued for four years, compared to two years in New Hampshire and three years in Oklahoma. 3 Visit the website of the real estate commission in your state to find out how long licenses are valid (or comparable office). By calculating the number of license renewals an agent has received, you can ascertain how long they have been in operation.

Experience's Benefits for Agents

Anyone can search for properties for sale online and schedule viewings. You may look up sales and property assessment histories on many municipal websites using public data and geographic information system maps. 4 However, skilled real estate agents can provide in-depth knowledge and suggestions that are unlikely to be found through online real estate searches because they are constantly exposed to local markets.

Agents can offer helpful direction in several ways, including:

Communication with other agents: Home sales may proceed more swiftly when the agent is aware of other agents in the area. For instance, if you're seeking to buy a house, your agent can let other agents know so that they can notify you as soon as a suitable property enters the market.

Market tempo

Sales professionals with experience can identify and even foresee trends. They can explain which areas are advancing or regressing and why. If you don't need to buy or sell immediately, they can guide you on whether to act and when to wait.

Negotiation expertise

It takes practice to become an expert at obtaining the best price. Knowing who you're dealing with is also helpful; an experienced realtor typically has insight into who is anxious to buy or sell right now and who can wait for a better deal.

Expert advice

Interacting with vendors, including mortgage lenders, title companies, house inspectors, appraisers, general contractors, and pest inspectors, is common when buying or selling a property. Experienced agents are aware of whom to trust and whom to avoid.

Relationships with the local government and business community exist among knowledgeable agents. They know market repercussions and are informed if a significant local employer is adding or eliminating positions. They frequently have advanced knowledge of zoning changes that will impact specific neighborhoods.

Company "DNA"

Using a relative or close acquaintance as your real estate agent can be tempting. Because of their connection to you, they are sometimes referred to as "DNA" agents. The familiarity may seem like a good idea, but objective advice and observations are some of the most useful things an agent can provide.

It would be in your best interests to upset or challenge one another's opinions, but you may be as cautious as family members. You might not feel as confident asking for what you are entitled to when dealing with an agent who is not a relative.

There are a lot of untrained agents.

Real estate agent employment is expected to increase by 7% over the ten years ending in 2028, a little faster than the 5% growth forecast for all occupations. However, it is not likely to be a steady expansion. External economic forces frequently cause changes in the real estate market. In addition to asking them about their experience, you may look for the following traits to help you identify the agents with the most experience:


Ideally, you want an agent who comes across as approachable. Effective communication with many people is often required for a career to succeed. If you're working with other buyers or sellers, you want others to think the same about your approach agent if you believe they are friendly and effective communicators.

Because agents have many clients to serve in addition to having a full plate, organization and time management are crucial. Ensure the person you're working with keeps their word and responds to communications immediately. If they don't do it for you, they most likely won't do it for the other buyers, sellers, or agents you need to work with.

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