Game Applications That Pay Actual Cash

Dec 29, 2023 By Triston Martin

The gadgets that keep you informed and in the loop can also be used to generate some supplementary income. And for Android users out there, you can play Android games to make real money.

You may be wondering whether there's a way to earn some additional cash doing something you enjoy. Check out the Google Play store if you're looking for legitimate Android games that pay real money. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting, you'll find plenty of alternatives to suit your needs.

Blackout Bingo

Play Blackout Bingo on your Android device and compete with other players in a bingo-style game to win real cash prizes. And there's no cost whatsoever for as long as you want to practice! Payouts from bingo games need a monetary stake before you can cash in.

The mighty Skillz platform powers Blackout Bingo. Skillz games consider the individual's skill level when matching human players. People of different skill levels can compete in an enjoyable and equitable setting.

You may log in to Blackout Bingo every week and receive special bonuses and powers to help you beat the competition. After the first money is processed, the game is entertaining, and the rewards are sent quickly.

Solitaire Cube

In terms of Android games that provide cash prizes, Solitaire Cube is a must-play. Skillz Inc. developed this app, and you can get it from the Galaxy store for your Android phone or other Samsung device.

Go head-to-head with other players in a solitaire game to win cash prizes. To say that Solitaire Cube is unique would be an understatement. Put your klondike knowledge to good use and come out on top.

Play against the clock to earn points and get an advantage over your rival. Your profits can be safely transferred to your PayPal account, refunded to your original payment method, or sent to you in the form of a paper check, whichever you want.

Dominoes Gold

The Android version of Dominoes Gold is a legitimate moneymaker. It's a new take on the traditional domino game that most of us grew up with. In contrast to the traditional white ones, these dominoes are gold in hue.

Challenge other players to win real cash prizes. Hone your abilities and then go on to the bigger tournaments. A small price is required to participate, but the payout for a successful wager more than covers the cost of entrance. Withdraw your funds at any time using PayPal, your initial deposit method, or a paper check.


With AppStation, you can get paid to play Android games. Only Android users may utilize AppStation. Free software gives users in-game currency for testing new games on their mobile devices.

You'll need to spend some serious time with the games you download before seeing any results. Gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Groupon, as well as PayPal cashouts, are all possible ways to spend your winnings.


Cashyy is legitimate software that allows Android gamers to win cash by playing games. You may try brand-new games and be paid to do it all within the app. There is no cost to download or use the software, and you won't have to put up with distracting advertisements.

Convert all your gaming currency into real money and deposit it into your PayPal account. Redemptions can also be requested as gift cards redeemable at retailers like Amazon, Google Play, the PlayStation Store, and more.


Mistplay is among the most well-known Android real-money games. It has an extensive collection of entertaining mobile games. Search through the many options until you find a match that piques your interest.

It may take time for an app like Mistplay to generate sufficient revenue for a cash-out. You should check the game's potential earnings before installing it on your Android device. With so many games available on Mistplay, you can't go wrong.

Begin playing now to quickly amass GXPs, which can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards, including gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon and Visa, as well as popular gaming platforms like Xbox and more. You may boost your weekly earnings on Mistplay by participating in events and climbing the leaderboards.

App Flame

You may win real money while playing one or more of the latest Android games on AppFlame. Pick the games you like most and make real cash bets on them. Increase your coin total by playing App Flame more often. You may trade the coins you earn from games for things like Google Play, Airbnb, H&M gift cards, and PayPal deposits.

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