What are High Yield Online Savings Account? What are its features? Everything you need to know about High Yield Online Savings Account

Dec 06, 2023 By Susan Kelly

What Is High Yield Online Savings Account?

A high yield online savings account normally pays between 10 to 25 times higher interest rate than the interest on a standard savings account. This is what it means to have a high yield online savings account. Here's an illustration of how high yield online savings accounts differ from standard ones. Assume you'd want to start a savings account and save an additional $100 a month. Bank A has a typical savings account that pays 0.05 percent interest. One can earn 0.50 percent on a high-yield savings account at Bank B. Over the course of a year, Bank A would pay you a stunning $0.77 in interest on your original investment as well as your monthly payments. When it comes to interest, the difference between Bank A's offer and Bank B's offer is a whopping $10. The contrast between regular and high-interest savings accounts may be dramatic, even if the figures are little. Higher the APY and the more money you deposit, the more your money will grow in a high yield online savings account.

What To Consider In High Yield Online Savings Account?

You should notice the following features in getting a high yield online saving account:

High-interest rate

The interest rate on a savings account is by far the most important consideration for the majority of consumers. High yield online savings account is nearly always protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Differentiation is mostly determined by interest rates. There is a wide range of interest rates available for savings accounts. The offered pricing may only be available for a short period of time, however. Another element to consider is if the promotional rate is based on a minimum or maximum balance requirement.

Certain amount to deposit

Think about the certain amount you will need for a high yield online savings account before proceeding. To get the specified return, you will need to have a certain minimum amount on your account.


Fees on regular transactions can become too costly for you. A high yield online savings account may levy monthly fees, minimum balance fees, or other costs.

Access and links to other banks

Branches and ATMs aren't always an option when setting up an on high yield online savings account. One should notice the options in which account holder can deposit or withdraw funds from account. What kind of linkage will the bank enable you to make between your high-yield savings account and your other deposit accounts? How many connected accounts can you have?

Method to get a high yield online savings account

If your current financial institution provides a competitive high yield online savings account, creating one new account will be quite easy. Because you've previously been validated by the bank, you'll be able to do it through your online banking interface with less personal information. Open an account with an unfamiliar financial institution, and the process will be more extensive, but it will not be too difficult. You can open almost any high-yield savings account online, so allot yourself around 15 minutes to complete the web application.

The Bottom Line

With a high yield online savings account, account holder will have no need to worry about its principle, safety of government insurance and a larger rate of return than a standard savings account, but not as much as you'd get from more volatile investments. Always consider how a high-yield account will best fit your financial objectives and current condition before opening one or more of these accounts.

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