How Much to Tip Just About Everyone: An Overview

Jan 20, 2024 By Susan Kelly

Tipping someone in return for their service is a positive gesture of encouraging and appreciating them; similarly, tips help the service provider do their job with more dedication and hard work. Tipping is a token of appreciation and encouragement from the client/buyer to the service provider.

There is no limit on tipping someone; it's a subjective matter; at the same time, tipping is always considered a token of appreciation or a small additional payment on top of the actual payment; therefore, it is always a small amount.

As per the US general rule of services, the average tipping amount you should pay ranges from 15% to 20% of the actual bill amount; etiquette experts also suggest that you pay along those lines. But most of the time, people still got confused about how much to tip. Let's find out by dissecting it in detail.

How much to Tip in General?

As per the US general rule of service, 20% of the total bill value is generous; the easy way to calculate 20% is first to calculate the 10% of your bill and then add 10%. For example, if your bill is 90 dollars, 10% of $90 is $9, adding another $9+$9= $18. The tipping amount for $90 is 18 dollars.

It's not compulsory to tip 20% all the time; it can go up to 20% and is considered a generous tipping. There are certain etiquettes on giving a tip; the first thing to consider is always trying to tip in cash, leaving a tip on the table, or handing it over directly to the service provider.

If you don't have cash, you can also pay it with your credit or debit card; you may see a line of gratuity at the bottom of your bill. Similarly, you can use electronic prompts on service provider apps or at the point of payment.

Tipping Various Service Providers

In current times, how much to tip is less important than why gratuity matters; the service industry is the least paying, and all the people connected to this industry mostly struggle financially; it is necessary and important to promote tipping so that they can generate extra bucks to get back on their feet.

Especially during a pandemic and after that, the service industry and people connected and related to this industry take a lot of hits. Generous tipping can help them with their financials and pay as a token of appreciation.

Food & Drink Servers

  • Servers or Waiters: For food servers or waitpersons in restaurants and other cafes and sitting areas, you can pay from 15% to 20% or even more to servers who put in extra effort for you. For example, servers serve large dinner gatherings, serve drinks, and look after your children.
  • Chefs, Cooks, and Baristas: Chefs, cooks, and baristas who serve when you pick up your food order from a restaurant, spare 10% to 15% of your gratuity for them. However, tipping is not a compulsion but is a kind gesture from you towards the service providers and servers.
  • Bartenders: Bartenders who serve you drinks deserve a dollar or two per drink; however, you can pay 15 % to 20 % of your total bill as a tip to your bartender.

Drivers or Chauffer's

  • Food/Grocery Delivery Persons: As per experts, food and grocery delivery drivers deserve at least 15% as a tip of your total order.
  • RideShare Drivers: Tipping to rideshare drivers depends on various factors; however, you can aim for a 15% tip to drivers. Other factors that can impact the tip amount depend on the driver's behavior, and suggestions/guides for local attractions; cleanliness and availability of water bottles and phone chargers can also be a reason for high gratuity and positive ratings.

Spa and Salon Personals

Salon and spa personnel provide extraordinary services and help you with your beautification and wellness. Experts recommend tips from 15% to 20% to these professionals. Especially professionals provide skin and hair services, including styling, hair n makeup, manicure, pedicure, eyelashes extension, etc.

You can pay more tips to these service providers depending on their expert level, behavior, and other professional skills.

  • Massagers and Therapists: Services of massage therapists and similar professionals require special training and licensing before pursuing their career, therefore, tipping them 20% is appropriate, but if you are unaware and don't have an idea, then you can ask spa owners and other therapists.

Travel Associates

  • Door Attendants, Bellhops, and Skycaps: People who help you with your luggage at the airport, hotels, and door attendants who open a door eligible for gratuity; you need to keep small dollar bills with you and pay at least a dollar or two for each of their service.
  • Housekeeping Staff: Hotel housing-keeping staff also need your attention and deserve gratuity; aim for $4 to $5 per night as long as you stay in a particular place.
  • Concierge: Tipping a concierge depends on the service and work they do for you; you can tip them from $5 to $30 as per their effort; it can be booking a tour, making a reservation, or other things that add a good experience to your trip.

Final Thoughts

Giving tips to people working in the service industry, whether a small business or a big hotel chain, is a good way to help them financially, appreciate them, and encourage them to perform their duties well and with dedication. Apart from appreciation and encouragement, it increases respect and shows gratitude to the people who are often neglected and not included in the mainstream service industry.

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