Tips: How to Boost your Car Trade in Value

Oct 31, 2023 By Triston Martin

Sometimes, it makes a lot of sense to go out and buy a bigger, better, or more fuel-efficient car. But you still have to make some decisions about the car you already own. That's true, though. You'll want to get the most money for your car when you trade it in. Keeping that in mind, it's smart to do a few simple things before you go into a dealership to get the most for your car's trade-in value. These include fixing mechanical problems and shopping around. Here we will discuss some of the tips on how to boost your car trade in value.

Car Trade-In: How does it work?

Give your old car over when you buy a new one. In the price of the new car, they will change how much they charge for the car when it is sold at an automobile auction. Trade-in: This is what this is called. The things that can make the car worth more when it's time to trade it in:

  • The state of the car's body
  • The condition of the inside of the car
  • On the odometer, how many miles are on it
  • The state of the engine and suspension
  • People who own cars usually keep their records in a safe place, like a safe deposit

Do Your Research

It's important to look up the trade-in value of your car first. In the end, don't forget that you'll get less for your car when you sell it to someone else than if you sold it yourself. To figure out how much your car is worth, you can look at sources like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. However, it would be best if you also were honest with yourself about repairs and the condition of your car.

Take Care of Recognized Mechanical Issues

Remember that the condition of your car is a big factor in its value. This means you should pay extra attention to any problems you already know about and to those that are easy to fix. Automotive refinancing market: If there is a check engine light on your dashboard, you can bet that the dealer will think it's not good and bid based on that. However, you may be able to quickly fix this by having the car's major systems reset at the best car dealership.

Shop Around For the Best Trade-In Value

The best thing you can do while you're looking for a new car is to "shop around" for trade-in value. It would be best if you got as many competitive quotes for your trade-in as possible before you agree to work with the dealer. There are many big used car dealers in your area. It would be best if you got quotes from them before talking about your trade-in with the dealer you will buy from. You don't have to buy a new car from Carvana or CarMax to get money for your old one.

Negotiate the Trade-In Value on Your Own

Brown also says that you should negotiate different parts of your new car purchase independently. Car salespeople don't want to try to raise the price of your new car to make up for a higher trade-in value or give you a better deal on the new car with less for your trade-in. Separately, you can make sure you get the best trade-in value for your car and the best price for your new car.

Make Certain That Your Vehicle Is In Good Condition

If your car is clean and well-kept, Fix says it is more likely to get the best trade-in value. Clean the inside and outside of the car. In the same way, you would stage the inside of a house for sale. You clean the car. You should also confirm whether you get receipts for maintenance and upgrades while you do that. A dealer or buyer could use these to show them that you took good care of the car.


The best way to get the best trade-in value for your old car is to make sure you get the best price and payment for the new one you want. During this time, you should also look around for and compare auto loans. This is a good idea. A dealership you're working with might be able to offer in-house financing, but that doesn't mean it's the best deal for you to get. The rates and terms of an online auto loan may be better than those of other lenders. Having a debt approval document in hand, you'll be much more likely to have the best possible deal you could.

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