How to Start a Landscaping Business?

Dec 13, 2023 By Susan Kelly

You should take some steps before starting a landscaping business. The first step is deciding the type of landscaping business you want to start. You should consider these facts about landscaping:

  • Landscaping business is easy to start and needs less investment than other businesses. Landscape work earns more money than other jobs. If your intention behind running a landscape company is only making money, you are in trouble because this job has its own difficulties that can be hard on you if you do not understand them well.

  • Landscapers have a large variety of tools and equipment for working with soil, plants, and lawns which they will need for their projects. They also have special vehicles designed to hold large gravel or dirt.

If you are thinking of starting a landscape business, here are some steps to help you have a successful landscaping company. These steps are given below:

1. The first thing is to decide what type of landscape service you want to provide, i.e., residential or commercial. There are different types of costs involved in both cases. For example, if you're going to start a small business, then a residential business is best for you compared to a commercial one because it has less overhead costs and, therefore, more profit. You will need less money, but some essential things are still required for this job, including trucks, trailers, tractors with attachments, seeders, mowers, etc.; all these items are costly, so make sure that your budget allows all these expenses.

2. If you are thinking of starting your own landscape business, then make sure that you research the work done by other landscaping companies in your area. Note down all their charges and rates so that when a potential customer asks for your charges, you can provide them with this information; it will be helpful for both the parties because if the customer likes your work according to his budget, he will surely hire you otherwise not. If more than one company is working in the same area, check on which types of services each offers. It is essential because doing all kinds of service may create problems for you and your customers. Sometimes they need only one kind of service so taking the contract for all services won't be helpful.

3. When you decide which type of business you will start, the next step is to find a suitable location for setting up your office and filling the yard. Picking the wrong location can make work hard for you and your customers. You should consider these factors before selecting a place:

a) If possible, select a place you know very well because it will be easier for you to reach there quickly whenever clients call for emergency services.

b) You should take a location where people can help you if an emergency arises; it would be better if the place had enough space to park all trucks and trailers that will be needed throughout the day or from week to week. To have a large parking area is not a must, but if possible try to get a place with sufficient parking area.

c) Last but not least, you should try to pick a place near your home because when you start working full-time, then it will become difficult for you to go daily from one location to another so it would be better if all locations are close enough that can help you in saving time and energy.

4. When searching for a location, do not overlook an important factor such as security. Keep your money and other valuable items tucked away safely when at work. Ensure no one is around when moving or using large equipment like tractors and trailers; lock your shop and vehicles every time you leave your workplace. These simple steps may seem unimportant, but they can explain how serious the owner is about his business.

5. Finally, you are ready to start your landscaping business now. Before establishing it, make sure that nothing stops you from making this decision. Landscaping is not an easy job; if you want to do it successfully, then work hard with full passion and interest because the results will be rewarding for both customers and you.


If you already have a successful landscaping company or working in one, please share your experience. We would love to hear new success stories of landscape businesses owners!

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