Ikea Visa Credit Card: Things You Should Know

Nov 15, 2023 By Triston Martin

Credit cards provide a great deal of convenience if managed properly; there are many options available in the market that offers many features and services; however, there are few credit cards in the market that the companies offer to provide ease for people to buy their products.

IKEA Visa Credit card offers 5% cash back in rewards on all Ikea products. You can also enjoy other perks, but the rewards expiration period is limited compared to other cards. Among other perks, there is no annual fee, but the card holders must be vigilant to reap the rewards as they expire quickly.

It is ideal for shoppers who prefer and spend more on Ikea products; they can not only get rewards with every purchase they make at Ikea but can also shop for more products in an Ikea shop. Let's dive in and see other rewards or benefits and Cons of having an Ikea credit card.

IKEA Visa Credit Card

IKEA is known for its innovative household products and furnishers; Ikea credit cards provide great value to shoppers who frequently buy from Ikea. With every purchase from Ikea cards, shoppers earn rewards that can be used to buy more.

Other than that, if you use TaskRabbit or Traemand, you can earn 5% more; TaskRabbit or Traemand are services that offer furniture installation and assembly. You can earn 5% more rewards than other traditional cards. Another distinctive feature of the IKEA visa card is that it's not a one-time offer; you get $25 off on your first purchase.

The first-time purchase bonus is not that much. Still, it offers its purchasers the same kind of cashback, incentives, and discounts that other co-brand credit cards offer.

Rewards and How to earn them

You can get or earn rewards using your Ikea credit card; other than buying products from Ikea, you can also get cash back or earn rewards on dining, groceries, utility purchases, and all other spendings.

  • You can get 5% back on IKEA, Traemand, and TaskRabbit
  • You can get 3% back on utility purchases, dining, and groceries
  • You can get 1% off all other purchasers

There is no limit on earning rewards; you can get as many rewards as per your spending, it is accepted everywhere where VISA is present, and there is no cap on earning; you can earn with every purchase you make.

How to Redeem Rewards

It is very easy to redeem rewards from the IKEA Visa credit, which is automatically credited to your billing statement in increments of $15; the only downside of earned rewards is that they have an expiration period of 45 days.

How to get Maximum Rewards

The rule of thumb to reap the maximum rewards is to spend more; the more you spend, the more rewards accumulate in your account. Other than that, you can also maximize your rewards in these two ways.

Let's consider you buy a home improvement and furniture products for $5000; as per rewards, you could get $250; in addition to that, you spend another $10000 in groceries, utilities, and dining, add another $5000 for your everyday spending, you would earn $300 and $50 in rewards respectively, and collectively you will earn $600 with the purchase of $20000.

In another scenario, if you are going to spend a larger amount, especially when planning to spend $20000 in remodeling your house in a year, similarly, your spending on dining, groceries, and utilities is around $10000. An additional $5000 on everyday spending, then your rewards or earnings in the form of rewards accumulate to $1000 + $300 + $50, a total of $1350 on spending $35000.

Standard Features/Benefits

The IKEA Visa Credit card offers two standard features and benefits to all its holders; they are

  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Roadside Dispatch

IKEA Visa Credit card is a Comenity Bank-issued credit card. It is not ranked in the credit card satisfaction study; you can manage your card through a mobile device using its online features. If you face any difficulty, call the customer helpline at 866-387-6145.

Security Features

IKEA Visa Credit card is equipped with the latest security features, it's a chip-enabled card, and all your online information is secure with added encryption. In case of identity theft or fraud, you can get the information through secure messaging on your mobile, report your lost or stolen cards, and have$0 liability fraud guarantee coverage.


Fees are not the main concern when you carry an IKEA Visa Credit card; however, APR for balance transfers, purchases, and cash advances is more than the average from other retail cards. The APR for all these three services makes it more expensive to carry this card for carrying month to month balance.

Pros and Cons


  • If you are an avid IKEA customer, this card is best for you, and you can earn rewards with every purchase you make.
  • An IKEA Visa credit card automatically enrolls you in the IKEA family membership program.
  • You can earn rewards where ever Visa card is accepted.


  • Redeeming rewards can only add to your billing statement credit
  • APR is above average on purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances than other retail cards
  • There is no traditional one-time offer.

Final Thoughts

IKEA Visa Credit Card is a good addition to the credit card fraternity, especially for people who are frequent buyers of IKEA and related products. It offers rewards, which you can use to purchase different products. Similarly, you can also get an additional percentage on dining, groceries, and other utilities. But suppose you are not into DIY, home improvement, and related products. In that case, better options are available in the market with less APR and traditional cashback rewards.

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