How to Make Money as an Instacart Shopper?

Jan 15, 2024 By Susan Kelly

If you read this article, you probably already know what Instacart is. But for those who don't, Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service that allows customers to order groceries they need from local stores through the app or website and have them delivered within a few hours. What differentiates Instacart from most other grocery delivery businesses is they allow shoppers to deliver these orders without owning a car.

Instacart Shoppers are paid per order, which they pick up at the store after making sure it's ready and dropping it off with the customer. It can be used as one extra side income stream. Still, it will not make you rich overnight even if you work full time on it, especially since they currently pay only $5 per deliver only order, which is well below the minimum wage in most states, and $7 to $10 for complete service order (shop and deliver). However, it's still a decent way to make extra cash if you have a car and time to spare since they can support up to 32 hours/week with full-time availability.

How do I Sign up for Instacart?

The application process is very similar to other app-based jobs like Uber or Lyft. All you need is your driver's license, social security number, and bank account information on hand. After that, just download their iOS or Android app on your phone and signup. You will receive an invitation email within 24 hours after completing this step.

What Groceries Can I Shop for?

Instacart delivers groceries from more than 300 retailers and other local stores such as Costco, Sprouts, Loblaw, CVS, ALDI, etc. If you want to check if they deliver your favorite store, just go to their website or app and enter your zip code.

How Do You Make Money Driving for Instacart?

How you make money driving for Instacart is very similar to Uber or Lyft. Once you receive an order, you pick up the groceries from the store and deliver them to a customer through their app. You can find a customer's address by clicking on the "Set Pickup Location" button at the bottom of your screen, where it will bring up an address field. But make sure to double-check this info before going to the store since some orders require you to go the extra mile, for example, if someone added something unique which is not available in that particular store or needs someone to be home.

What Are Instacart's Hours?

Instacart runs overnights from Monday to Sunday (24 hours each day). The same-day delivery works from early morning to late midnights in a day. Therefore, it's ideal for part-time workers or college students with cars who only want to work on weekends.

Does Instacart Charge Cancellation Fees?

Instacart charges cancellation fees only when a customer cancels the order after the shopper has already arrived at the store to pick up groceries; then, the shopper is free to find another order. However, there is always a chance that you can't find another order; therefore, Instacart charges a $15 cancellation fee every time this happens, and the customer cancels the order after you arrive at the store. So if your first two orders are canceled, it's actually instacart who charges $30 in total; however third or more canceled orders will be charged entirely by instacart, so be careful about what time of day and days you choose; for driving!

Are There Any Requirements for Driving with Instacart?

Instacart does not require any background checks, car inspections, or even car insurance to become a shopper. However, basic auto insurance might come in handy since some areas need it, such as Temecula, CA. So if you want to drive for them, we would definitely recommend checking with your local DMV or insurance company about the requirements before driving on Instacart.


Q: What is Instacart?

A: It's an online grocery delivery service that connects customers with local stores. You can sign up as a shopper to deliver products on your own car within the specified time limit and earn money after completing a few orders successfully.

Q: How do I make money by delivering groceries for Instacart?

A: Customers order groceries through their app or website. You pick it up at the partnered store and deliver it directly to the customer's address. As a shopper, you earn from $5-$10 per order, paid weekly via direct deposit.

Q: How old do I need to be to make delivery for Instacart?

A: You must be 18 years old with your name or social security number to sign up.

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