Everything You Need to Know About loanDepot

Jan 05, 2024 By Triston Martin

loanDepot is a mortgage firm that lends money to people in all 50 states for house purchases. Although it has physical branches, you will never have to leave your house to get a mortgage with this company. The whole financing procedure may be completed entirely online. Additionally, loanDepot is one of the nation's leading VA mortgage lenders in terms of volume, so customers who qualify for this low-down-payment mortgage program can feel certain that they are in excellent hands. LoanDepot is a California-based company with its headquarters in Foothill Ranch. It provides conventional loans, government-backed mortgages, rehabilitation loans, and refinancing loans. Continue reading to learn more about loandepot mortgage review.

Loan Types

The mortgage options available via LoanDepot are fixed- and adjustable-rate loans for buying and refinances jumbo loans. The second area of concentration for LoanDepot is renovation loans, including FHA 203(k) fixer-upper loans and Fannie Mae HomeStyle home repair loans, among other options. Both schemes provide the freedom to purchase a property and improve it with single financing. Moreover, you may utilize these loans to refinance your current mortgage and do various renovation projects.


Borrowers who want to use digital mortgage applications may use the lender's software, which is available for purchase. Even if you do not like to have an entirely digital experience, this system enables you to confirm your income, employment, and assets via the use of electronic means. You may chat with a loan officer over the phone or in-person at one of more than 200 sites around the country. You may estimate how much you can manage to borrow or refinance by using the lender's mortgage calculations before applying for a loan. After you've decided on a mortgage, your loan officer will send your application to underwriting for review and consideration.

A home appraisal will most likely be scheduled, and you may be required to provide extra documentation to the loan officer. Closing will be set as soon as your loan has been authorized. Typically, the escrow term for new home purchases - the length of time between the date of signing the sales contract and the date of closing – is 30, 45, or 60 days. LoanDepot, on the other hand, has concluded loans in as little as eight days. The average time to conclude a refinance deal is 45 to 60 days.


LoanDepot's website might be difficult to navigate. There are mortgage calculators and information on loan programs and the homebuying process, but some of the material is repeated and presented in a manner that isn't always understandable. In addition, there are no responses on the blog or website reference pages regarding how loanDepot would precisely manage your mortgage, nor are there any tools to estimate your individual loan terms. LoanDepot, for example, advises consumers to be wary of closing costs, prepaid interest, and prorated expenses like property taxes and homeowners insurance, among other things. When it comes to paying for these products with a loan, however, the loan company has no explicit advice. As a result, you'll need to contact loanDepot's customer service department if you have any pressing questions.

Mortgage Rates

Currently, loanDepot's website does not display current mortgage or refinancing interest rates. To find out what loanDepot's interest rates are, you'll need to get a quotation, which will need you to provide your personal information and contact information. We were able to understand how loanDepot mortgage rates compare to the competition by examining typical 30-year rates from 2020. On average, loanDepot mortgage rates seem to be cheaper than the competition, while its lender costs appear to be in the middle of the pack.


The "lifetime guarantee" that loanDepot provides is a significant advantage of refinancing with them. The firm will eliminate your lender fees and repay your appraisal charges if you take out a mortgage with loanDepot and then refinance with them. On the other hand, if you refinance a loan that was started via a different lender, you will be charged costs. The particular costs you pay will vary based on a number of variables, including the sort of loan you take out and your location. Because of a recent upgrade to the lender's online application program, you may be able to close on the loan more rapidly than in the past. In comparison to the industry average, the "mello smartloan" is an end-to-end online application that assists you in finding the best loan for your case while also verifying and pulling your credit information, among other things.

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