For Those 65 and Older, The Most Popular Jobs

Nov 26, 2023 By Susan Kelly

When it comes to finding part-time work for someone over 60, the alternatives are nearly limitless. Many seniors, even those in their 60s and 70s, are looking for part-time employment to keep them busy and provide some additional cash. This information might help you decide what kind of part-time employment is most appropriate. Here are 15 of the most exemplary careers for those over 60, as identified by a recent survey.

Persisting in The Workforce

The majority of the population assumes that those over 65 are in retirement, although this isn't always the case. Remaining in or returning to employment is motivated by a variety of factors. Because of the Great Recession's devastating impact on families, many people have no choice but to take out a loan. People may choose whether or not to be physically active, mentally stimulated, and socially connected at any given time.

Popular Careers for People Over 65

It's not uncommon for people to continue working into their sixties and seventies in "bridge" occupations that serve as a transition from a full-time profession to full-time retirement. Is working after retirement something you're considering? Here are six occupations that are popular among persons 65 and older.


Accounting and bookkeeping clerks use computer-based accounting software, spreadsheets, and databases to log financial transactions and create financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements.

Adjunct Professors

Adjunct professors (sometimes known as "adjuncts") make up a significant component of the instructional faculty in nonprofit schools and universities, and you don't always need a Ph.D. to become one.

Despite the poor compensation, many retirees enjoy employment since it provides them with a sense of purpose. 5 In addition, you won't have to spend as much time preparing for classes once you've taught them a few times.

Planned Activities Coordinator

The chances are that you've organized (or helped prepare) several events throughout the years, whether they were for yourself or others. Use your network of friends and family as a springboard to obtain jobs or establish your own business.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth between 2019 and 2029 is predicted to be 8 percent, compared to an average of 4 percent increase across all occupations. The median hourly wage was $24.33 in 2019.

Consultant with a Focus on Specific Tasks

A consultant can help with a specific project instead of filling a full-time post. This method is an excellent approach to putting your years of expertise to good use without committing to full-time employment. Depending on your qualifications and expertise, you can make $50 to $100 an hour or more.

In-Store Promotions

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), retail salespersons had around 4.3 million employees in the United States in 2019 - in general, merchandise stores, apparel stores, construction material and supply dealers, sports goods, hobby, and musical instrument stores, and vehicle dealerships (6 percent).

As of May 2019, the typical hourly income for retail salespersons was $12.14, which are nearly one in three retail workers. As an incentive, these positions may provide staff discounts on your shop's goods.

Assistant Teacher

Teacher assistants (also known as aides) support certified teachers in the classroom by providing extra assistance and education to pupils. In elementary, middle, and high schools, preschools, and daycare institutions, they may work with whole classes, small groups, or one-on-one. In 2019, the median annual salary was $27,920, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 9 In most school districts, teaching assistants work just part-time, and summers are usually off.


A tutor works with pupils outside of the classroom to improve their academic performance. Students benefit from their assistance in overcoming academic obstacles, completing homework and other tasks, preparing for exams, and developing study skills and a passion for learning.

For example, math, science, or English tutors prefer to focus on a single topic. This is terrific part-time employment for a retired teacher or someone with an educational background.

Fitness Professional

A fitness teacher at a gym can teach classes like cycling, yoga, weightlifting, and dancing. They can even work as a personal trainer for you if you choose. It's their job to create lesson plans and teach good form, check progress and help customers achieve their goals. During courses, a fitness teacher must be enthusiastic and upbeat.

Personal Or Home Care Aide

Do you want to have the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts are genuinely having an impact? Personal care aides do assist the sick and disabled with their basic daily requirements. As an example, you might help with running errands, doing the laundry, and taking a shower.

It is possible to change bandages or dressings, monitor body temperature, and give medicine to patients as a home health aide. Home health aides are often authorized to undertake more than personal care aides for medically necessary chores.


There has been an increase in retirees who continue to work far into their golden years. Some people make a career change inside the same industry they've been in for a long time. On the other hand, others see a retirement job as an opportunity to try something new.

In addition to the positions described below, older persons can work as a tour guide, patient advocates, online or in-person tutors, or as part of an event staff team (think: music and sports venues).

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