Nationwide Car Insurance Review

Nov 27, 2023 By Triston Martin

Nationwide offers highly rated automobile insurance policies in various states and Washington, D.C. It's easy to modify your insurance coverage so that it only costs you for coverage you need. Upgrades are offered for auto insurance policies, including emergency assistance for roadside emergencies, the forgiveness of accidents as well as a vanishing deductible perk. Customers can also alter their limits for insurance to enhance security where they need it the most.

Nationwide provides all the insurance policies for automobiles you'd expect, such as comprehensive gap and collision coverage in the event of a gap, underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, as well as the liability for bodily injuries. The company also provides options to cut down on insurance costs, such as the SmartRide utilization-based insurance plan, which cuts 10percent off of your rate when you join. If you're looking for an affordable insurance policy that you can trust, then read on to find out the details of nationwide car insurance, the coverage options you can buy, as well as discounts that you might be qualified to receive.

Buying Guide

Before comparing insurance companies, it is necessary to gather some basic data. This includes the driving record of all those who will be covered by the policy, along with information on your car, including safety features and the number of miles used. You'll also need to decide the types of coverage you'll need. For instance, do you need only the minimum insurance the state of your residence is required to have, or do you require more comprehensive coverage such as gaps insurance or even rideshare insurance? Ensure that the company you're thinking about hiring has the options you're seeking.

When comparing rates with different insurers, make sure each has the same coverage limit and deductibles. It is not advisable to decide solely on the price. Take a look at the number of consumer complaints each company receives to determine if a large number of complaints can be a warning sign about the quality of the service you'll get.

Nationwide Auto Insurance Coverage

When looking to purchase insurance for your car, you need to be aware of the type of insurance coverage you're looking for and the required coverage to purchase. The majority of states require insurance to be purchased before driving the vehicle. While minimum coverage requirements differ between states, they typically contain liability insurance and insure motorists who are not insured or underinsured. If you're looking for additional protection, you could be looking into full-coverage insurance. It's not a specific kind of insurance policy but rather an amalgamation of different types of coverage such as collision, liability, and comprehensive.

Customer Service

Nationwide earns third place just behind State Farm for our top insurer sub-ranking for Customer Service. Customer service is an area of great satisfaction for Nationwide policyholders as it's the area where Nationwide scored the highest scores of the survey respondents who didn't submit a claim on their car insurance with Nationwide 47% expressed that they were completely satisfied regarding the simplicity of reaching customer service. Of those who made claims, 72% of them were satisfied with the service offered by Nationwide.

Claims Handling

In our research, Nationwide is the second-best auto insurance company in terms of handling claims. For those who have never filed a claim through Nationwide, around 47% stated that they were totally satisfied with their experience. If respondents had filed a claim, the satisfaction levels would increase to around 76% of those who say they were 100% happy with the process of making a claim.

Customer Loyalty

Nationwide ranks midpack in our study of customer loyalty. Respondents have given Nationwide lower than average ratings when asked if they are inclined to extend their insurance policies or recommend them to others. If they had not made insurance claims, 26% indicated they would recommend Nationwide. If they had submitted claims, 28% stated that they would endorse Nationwide, and 44% said they are likely to keep their coverage.

Online Tools

When you're looking into car insurance, you may be interested in the options offered by Nationwide's top-of-the-line products. They offer a comprehensive online experience for shopping and claiming, and their exclusive SmartRide and SmartMiles plans offer savings opportunities. The company also provides policyholders with various options, such as a comprehensive education center and live repairs updates. Nationwide provides various customer-focused features that make your insurance experience simpler and more efficient.

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