An Extensive Navy Federal Flagship Rewards Review 2022

Dec 01, 2023 By Triston Martin


Those in the military with regular travel needs will find the Navy Federal Credit Card a great option. The card's rewards structure is beautiful, given its low annual fee and absence of foreign transaction fees: three points per dollar on travel expenditures and lodging costs and two points per dollar on all other transactions. Cardholders must be active duty military personnel or civilian employees of the Department of Defense to qualify for the Navy Federal card. With the information provided in the Navy Federal Flagship Rewards credit card review, you will be able to evaluate the Navy Federal Credit card against similar products and make an informed decision as to whether or not it is the best credit card for you.

Rewards Earning Details

Cardholders receive three points for every dollar spent on travel, and for all other purchases, they earn two. Finding a credit card with a rewards rate of 2% is complex, and travel-themed cards often have higher annual fees. Typically, the lowest-tier rewards on this kind of card are only 1%. Simply using this card for purchases will not devalue your rewards program points. In addition to the standard rewards rate, purchases made through Navy Federal's Member Deals portal can earn you an additional 15 points per dollar.

Flagship Rewards Program for Navy Federal Credit Union Visa

Below we have discussed the Navy Federal Flagship Rewards credit card review in detail.

Cardholder Experience

Navy Federal Credit Union scored an impressive 866 out of 1,000 points in the 2021 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, besting all other midsize card issuers. Medium-sized card issuers, on average, received a score of 796. There was no ranking for the company because of its singularity. If card issuers were ranked, this one would be at the top of the medium category. In the same vein as other big credit card companies, credit union members have access to customer support all day and night. You will also be able to view your FICO credit score, which helps keep an eye on your credit. While not all credit card companies, many do provide access to your FICO score.

Earning Rewards

The Flagship Card automatically earns 3x points on all travel purchases and 2x on all other purchases, with no action required from you. While the account is active, the account holder can earn as many awards as they like, and those rewards will never expire. After spending $4,000 on purchases during the first 90 days of opening your Navy Federal Credit Card* account, you are eligible for a welcome bonus of 35,000 points or $350, whichever is greater.

Redeeming Rewards

If you have accumulated at least 5,000 points on your Flagship card, you can cash them for a $50 statement credit. The minimum amount to redeem points for travel-related items, such as plane tickets, is one dollar. Your points can be used for airfare, goods, gift cards, rental vehicles, event tickets, cruises, and more.

Rewards Potential

The possible benefits were calculated after an analysis of the program's structure. We figured out how much money a typical American family would put on this card. Income and expenditure norms are calculated by Forbes Advisor using data from numerous government organizations as the starting point. These estimates are based on the $107,908 annual income of the 70th percentile of wage earners.

Fees to Watch Out For

The Navy Federal Visa Signature Flagship Rewards card fees are significantly lower than other travel credit cards. The annual cost of $49 is reasonable compared to the card's generous rewards structure, which includes zero fees for balance transfers or purchases made in foreign currency. You won't have to pay a dime if you need cash and can pick it up at a Navy Federal branch or ATM. If you're ever late or have a payment returned, the maximum charge on this card is only $20, which is significantly lower than the market standard.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

Get the point to charge as much as possible each month, but pay off the balance in full to minimize interest charges and make the most of your benefits. You should also check the Member Deals portal frequently to see if there are any extra reward opportunities for purchases you were already planning to make. It would help to verify the redemption rate before cashing them in to get the most value out of your rewards.


It's a good idea to apply for the Navy Federal Visa Signature Flagship Rewards credit card if you are a Navy Federal Credit Union member or qualify to join. When compared to other travel credit cards, its reward rates stand out. They may be more beneficial in the long run than bonus credit cards. The rest of the advantages aren't game-changers, but they can come in handy, especially if you frequently travel. This Navy Federal Flagship Rewards review is enough to decide your choice!

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