Progressive Pet Insurance Review

Feb 17, 2024 By Susan Kelly

Progressive was established in 1937 and is among the biggest insurers in the United States. It is most well-known for its auto and home policies; the company provides more than 30 financial products, including pet insurance. Instead of distributing pet insurance policies on its own, the company has a high-rated pet insurance company and is the first to offer domestic cats and dogs protection. In simple terms, policies offered through this partnership are Progressive-branded but controlled and administered through Pets Best.

In coming up with an innovative method to assist pet owners in obtaining the appropriate policies, the insurance company can provide trustworthy health insurance to cats and dogs and offer clients the chance to save money on the cost by bundling their pet policy along with different Progressive products. Also, the carrier offers a pet-related injury protection option as an addition to its auto insurance policies; however, this option is not linked to the insurance coverage available through its relationship in partnership with Pets Best.

What makes Progressive pet insurance different is its variety of plans available for surprisingly low costs; monthly premiums begin below $10 per month for cats and dogs. Other benefits include flexible policies, including direct payments to the vet, multiple discounts, and no age limit. In general, Progressive's coverage for pet options is typically appealing to customers of the insurance provider who want an endorsement from a name they trust and know. However, given its affordable and flexible pet insurance policies that cover ailments or accidents and routine treatment, it's safe to claim that every pet owner will benefit from the options offered by Progressive.

Plan Pricing

Progressive provides an accident-only policy covering injuries from accidents such as broken bone burns, bite wounds, bites from animals, and many other injuries. This plan is a good option for pet owners looking to secure catastrophic protection to protect their animals. It's also available for a set price which is a significant benefit for pet owners searching for a bargain. Furthermore, Progressive offers a BestBenefit plan, Pets Best's largest insurance plan covering both injuries and illnesses. This is the most sought-after choice among pet parents because it covers accidents and diseases, no matter whether they are serious or not.

This includes emergency medical care, visits to a specialist, diagnostic tests, hospitalizations for chronic conditions and hereditary ailments, X-rays and chiropractic treatment and prescription medications, etc. Progressive offers a variety of payment options, such as paying for your premium monthly, either quarterly or every year. On average, the BestBenefit plan costs about $36 for pet insurance, and the cat insurance is $21 per month, which is affordable rates in the insurance market for pets.

Waiting Periods

The waiting periods for Progressive policies are pretty acceptable in pet insurance. Benefits start three days after enrollment for injuries, with an extended 14-day waiting time for diseases. Insurance coverage for conditions that affect ligaments isn't in effect for six months; however, this isn't a deviation from the ordinary. You can avail of optional wellness benefits as soon as you need them, and there is no waiting time required which is common among pets insurance plans.

Pre-Existing Conditions

The pet insurance policy does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. A condition or injury is pre-existing when it has indications or needs treatment before the policy was implemented. The same applies to any conditions that occur during the waiting period. For instance, if the injury to the ligament is discovered within six months, it'll be considered pre-existing for the duration of your pet's life.

Coverage Limits

One area in which Progressive does not quite meet expectations is with annual limits. There are two limits in terms of accident and illness insurance: unlimited or $5,000. These options fall between the two extremes, and a compromise would be more practical. Accident-only policies are only sold and have an annual limit of $30,000, removing any choice.


If you opt to sign up for pet insurance with Progressive, all claims must be made directly with Pets Best, the insurer that handles the policies. The company provides a speedy and simple digital filing system that takes a few minutes using the Pets Best mobile app or online. Another excellent feature in Vet Direct Pay is an alternative service that directs reimbursement to your vet following treatment. Typically, insurance companies ask you to pay the entire vet bill in advance and then make a claim to be reimbursed afterward. Inscribing yourself into Vet Direct Pay means that money will never be taken out of your account.

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