Why Your Vehicle Needs a Dash Cam

Dec 28, 2023 By Triston Martin

Tiny video cameras installed in vehicles have improved in quality and storage capacity, becoming more affordable. The Consumer Technology Association predicts a 35% increase in sales of dashcams in 2021, which reflects their increasing popularity.

Automobile specialists aren't shocked by this.

Edmunds.com's automotive testing technician Rex Tokeshi-Torres agrees that dash cams are crucial. He has two for use in the luxury vehicles he tests and one for usage in his truck on the congested Los Angeles roads. Tokeshi-Torres claims that modern society is "very interconnected." The potential benefits of this technology extend to everyone if appropriately applied.

Disputing a traffic ticket

What kinds of evidence can be presented in court are governed by different state rules. But Orange County, California, attorney Scott R. Ball of OCTicketDefense.com argues, "any attorney worth their salt will ask if their client has a dash cam video."

Ball says, "95% of the time it isn't helpful because it basically proves that they did in fact run the red light or speed," but he always watches the footage his clients send him. Nevertheless, there are times when a dash cam can be a great asset.

According to Ball, dash cam footage was played in court by an Uber driver who had been cited for speeding at 95 mph but had only been going 70 mph when the video was taken. All charges dropped. Ball asserts, "he would have undoubtedly been convicted" in his absence.

Benjamin Preston, Consumer Reports' automobile writer, notes that some drivers afraid of being racially profiled have utilized dash cams to shield themselves from arbitrary police stops.

Deal with insurance payouts

Insurance firms in nations like the United Kingdom, where dash cameras have been used for years, provide discounts to drivers who install them in their vehicles. In the United States, it is not the case at present.

However, Insurance.com reports that if you have video evidence of the accident, it will expedite the processing of your auto insurance claim. If the video evidence shows that the accident was not your fault, you won't have to pay more for your insurance.

Watch your vehicle like a hawk.

If you leave your car parked on the street, a dash cam can record the intruder and send you an alarm. The shocked expressions on the criminals' faces when they realize they're being filmed may be seen on several YouTube videos.

Or, if your car is bumped while parked, the camera will start recording and notify you on your phone. Since Preston's dad had to park on the streets of Washington, D.C., and was constantly getting sideswiped by trash trucks, he claims his dad would have benefited from having a dash cam.

A dash cam can also keep tabs on a mechanic, ensuring they complete all necessary repairs and give the car a spin afterward.

Drive with extra eyes

Some dashcams provide safety functions like lane departure and collision alerts. Tokeshi-vehicle Torres is equipped with a second camera that looks rearward and has a wide field of view to reveal any vehicles lurking in his blind spot. On some models, you can simultaneously use a split screen to keep an eye on your rearview mirror. Some cameras can even tell when a car is coming up fast and sound an alarm to warn you of the danger posed by an inattentive motorist.

In the same vein, take in the sights.

Tokeshi-Torres makes an annual trip up the coast from Los Angeles, occasionally taking the scenic route that passes close to Crater Lake in Oregon. He uses his dashboard camera to capture the breathtaking ride, then shares the video with his pals.

The accelerator and other settings can be quickly recorded in the location you set them, thanks to the built-in dash cam in cars like the Corvette Stingray. However, if your vehicle doesn't come equipped with a cam, you may easily purchase one that does.

There are several cameras.

More sophisticated dash cameras utilize a second camera to record what's happening inside the vehicle, which is especially helpful for rideshare drivers who need to keep an eye on their passengers.

Location tracking through global positioning satellites.

Like an airplane's "black box," the memory of many current versions can be used to record data such as your location and speed. This is crucial if the footage is used as evidence in a traffic case.

I am discovering happenings.

Many modern models will automatically record footage of a catastrophic crash. Before getting your automobile towed, get your dash cam back and hosting data in the cloud. A dash cam that is Wi-Fi enabled will be able to upload footage to the cloud and send you warnings on your phone.

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