Comprehensive Analysis of 2023 Car Safety Ratings

Jan 30, 2024 By Susan Kelly

Safe Auto Insurance is a relatively young player in the safe auto insurance industry known for its high standards and customer satisfaction. It began operations as a nonstandard insurance provider in 1993 in Columbus, Ohio.

This implies that Safe Auto focuses on providing insurance to motorists who are only required to carry the bare minimum of coverage by law. These are often high-risk motorists who need help securing insurance through conventional means.

When it comes to customer service, Safe Auto doesn't employ any representatives. It offers direct sales to customers, but only in 19 states. It offers a website in Spanish and English, as well as a mobile app that drivers can use to pay premiums to submit claims.

So, What Exactly Is SafeAuto?

SafeAuto is an insurance provider in 28 states that offers low-cost bare-bones safe auto car insurance policies. Its primary focus is on vehicle insurance, but it provides more than a dozen additional options, including health and dental protection.

SafeAuto is a non-traditional insurer that caters to drivers who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining inexpensive rates, such as those with a history of driving under the influence or with poor credit.

Can You Explain How SafeAuto Functions?

SafeAuto provides several options from which you may get a quick and cheap estimate. SafeAuto insurance is generally priced lower since it is crafted to fulfil state minimums, but you may always tack on more coverage if you choose.

You'll quickly obtain competitive rates with various payment plans by filling out a short online form with your contact details and desired auto coverage details. There, prospective students can enrol online instantly or inquire by phone.

SafeAuto Insurance's Various Policies

To meet the needs of drivers who could not afford full coverage insurance, safe auto insurance company was created. Although it remains a specialist at the very minimum, it now provides nearly every type of auto insurance imaginable.

The minimum required level of insurance in most states is liability. Still, Safe Auto additionally offers optional layers of protection such as collision, comprehensive, roadside assistance, PIP, uninsured motorist, rental, and medical costs.

Low-Risk Drivers Get Lower Rates on Auto Insurance

You may save money with Safe Auto Insurance by taking advantage of many of the common auto coverage discounts available from other providers. Being a good driver, adding numerous vehicles to your Safe Auto insurance, maintaining a high GPA in school, and owning your own house can earn you savings.

These savings may not be combined and may only be offered in some Safe Auto service areas. Get an estimate from Safe Auto and ask about any savings you could qualify for.

Vehicle Protection Plan from SafeAuto

To its customers, SafeAuto provides ForeverCar's affordable auto maintenance plans. Four service plans are available to policyholders, each with a unique range of protections for an automobile's engine, brakes, air conditioning, suspension, and other components.

All plans feature coverage for unexpected travel costs, and vehicle rental reimbursement is included in all save the most basic plan. Before their insurance kicks in, policyholders will have to pay their deductible.

How Affordable Is SafeAuto's Auto Insurance?

SafeAuto was not the least expensive insurance provider we looked at, but their prices were much higher than the industry average, even for safe drivers.

These prices are lower than those charged by Allstate and around the same as those charged by Geico, but they are still significantly more than those offered by State Farm. We do not suggest SafeAuto because of its terrible reputation in customer service.

Still, if you have a long history of traffic violations and have been turned down for coverage by major insurance companies, SafeAuto might be an option.

So, What Exactly Does SafeAuto Cover?

SafeAuto is an industry leader in providing SR-22 insurance for high-risk drivers. SafeAuto can assist you if your state mandates that your insurance provider submit an SR-22 on your behalf. SafeAuto is not ideal if you need optional coverages like accident forgiveness or gap insurance.

SafeAuto provides full coverage, including collision and comprehensive insurance and state-mandated minimum liability insurance. SafeAuto, on the other hand, offers a few optional extras beyond the aforementioned mandatory coverages.

Do You Recommend SafeAuto?

SafeAuto has low customer satisfaction for an insurance provider. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Complaint Index, the firm gets four times as many complaints as expected for an insurer of its size.

SafeAuto received a 4.29 out of a possible 5.0; a score of 1.0 would indicate an insurer with an average amount of complaints. Most consumers who filed complaints mentioned issues with the claims process, specifically delays and denials.

Also, the mobile app for SafeAuto could be better. The SafeAuto insurance app for mobile devices received mostly poor user ratings and comments.

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