What Is a Semi-Secured Credit Card?

Feb 13, 2024 By Triston Martin

Credit cards that are semi-secured are provided by a few credit card issuers to people with bad credit who are now beginning to rebuild their credit and have been able to make timely payments. The card typically begins as a secured credit card where the credit limit is equal to the amount individual deposits at the company that issued the. After a set time of paying on time, the credit limit may be extended a bit beyond the deposit amount. Semi-secured credit cards are intermediate between completely secured and unsecured cards.


Banks will not offer credit cards to those who, for different reasons, have low ratings on credit (below 500) for those who are just beginning their careers or coming from a different country with low to no history of credit, people who have defaulted on loans or who have been through bankruptcy. Secured cards work the same way as an ordinary credit card, except that the credit limit is only limited to the amount of the cash deposit made by the cardholder. The deposit acts as collateral if the cardholder should be in default on payment. Secured credit cards can be the first option for people who cannot get any credit or have a poor credit score.

The semi-secured cards are a more step. Although it requires the deposit of a bank account, it generally provides a tiny amount of credit over the deposit you have made. The card's credit limit is more than double the amount of the deposit. For example, for an initial deposit of $200, you could get an amount of credit up to $500. A typical cardholder is one whose credit score is high enough for a conventional secured credit card but whose score isn't adequate for a standard card.

Banks typically have a higher interest rate for secured and semi-secured credit cards to offset the risk of default, they assume. APRs for secured cards' annual percentage rates (APR) typically range from higher than 20%. An average credit card across the country average of closer to 15% at the time of writing, October 20, 2021. Additionally, certain semi-secured cards have strict requirements like an annual fee plus the deposits.

Finding A Semi-Secured Credit Card

Usually, a semi-secured card is a stage of transition from secured cards. Within a couple of months or even one year, the secured card holder is upgraded to semi-secured status in recognition of good financial habits. There is nothing to change except that the credit limit is increased and without the need for collateral.

In some cases, cards are granted as partially secured at the beginning. The cardholder will need to possess a credit score of at the minimum in the fair range (600-660) in addition to the ability to prove that they can pay. Semi-secured cards aren't promoted frequently; usually, they're a matter of selecting a secured card and negotiating a semi-secured status with the issuer. There are two types of secured cards: BankAmericard Secured Credit Card and Capital One Secured MasterCard are two cards that are reported to offer you a larger credit limit than the deposit balance upon request, whether immediately or after a couple of months of being in possession.


Someone who was the owner of their own business had to shut it down and is now working in a retail position. After a difficult time and a rocky start, the individual is back to paying their bills on time and can apply for a secured credit card, using it as a means of having an ordinary credit card in the future. It is a simpler option to pay for costs during trips to visit relatives or purchase household goods on the internet—the person saves $300 and then uses it to make the required deposit. The bank will extend a $300 credit card credit at some interest rate percentage.

The bank will monitor the individual's credit score and account history as time passes. After approximately six months of paying off the balance due on a date, the bank increases the credit limit to $700 without needing additional deposits. In the future, the bank might give the cardholder a standard credit card with a limited limit and lower interest rates. The bank will pay back the initial deposit.

Secured Credit Card

Secured credit cards are credit cards secured by a cash payment by the cardholder. The deposit serves as collateral for the account and provides the issuer with a guarantee if the cardholder cannot pay. If you have a secured credit card, the amount you deposit in a bank account will be your card's credit limit.

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