Why You Should Not Claim Without Trying a Social Security Calculator First

Oct 22, 2023 By Triston Martin

When you begin collecting Social Security benefits is going to be one of the most critical decisions you face throughout retirement. The best age to begin receiving Social Security payments upon retirement can be determined with the assistance of one of several calculators that have been built specifically for this purpose.

You may get a jump start on maximizing your Social Security retirement benefits by utilizing the calculators provided below. Here is a guide to assist you in selecting the Social Security calculator that will most effectively assist you in choosing to claim benefits.

Social Security Calculator

The Social Security Calculator on Bankrate is a one-page resource for estimating future Social Security benefits. Also, users may generate a report detailing their expected monthly and yearly payout at different claiming ages, as well as how this amount compares to their salary in their final year of employment.

Single people or couples where only one person works would benefit most from this tool. The computation must be performed twice if both partners intend to file for Social Security benefits based on their individual work histories.

Even if some retirees have a more precise retirement age, such as 66 and 6 months, the calculator rounds the user's complete retirement age to the nearest full year, which is likely to yield a somewhat less accurate estimate.

Life Expectancy Calculator

Visit the Life Expectancy Calculator provided by Social Security if you enjoy confronting your death. If you enter your gender and date of birth into the calculator, you may receive a rough estimate of your life expectancy.

You may estimate how long you will live by entering your current age and the ages you hope to achieve various milestones in your life. Who will have a longer lifespan? You or the person you care about? Make your investigation into an extremely gloomy and dismal contest to win. The most useful application for this calculator would be to assist in preparing for retirement.

Having a larger retirement fund is important not only to take care of yourself in old age but also because health issues are more likely the longer you live. On days when you're feeling a little depressed, this is not something you should pick up and read.

My Social Security Retirement Calculator

An estimate of your Social Security benefit, based on your actual earnings history, is provided automatically by the My Social Security Retirement Calculator if you choose to begin receiving payments at age 62, full retirement age, or age 70.

To receive a more precise estimate of your future Social Security payment, you may also input other retirement ages and the average amount you plan to earn. You must first register for My Social Security account to access this resource.

Logging into your own My Social Security account and using the benefits calculator is usually the quickest and most convenient option because it already has your information, and you don't have to waste time entering past data.

Social Security Benefits Calculator

The AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator allows users to enter income information for themselves and their spouses simultaneously. You can estimate how much money you will need for retirement based on the amount of Social Security benefits you can receive at various ages.

The AARP calculator demonstrates your claiming age's effect, estimates certain living expenses, and displays the percentage your benefit would cover based on your age.

All of this is accomplished with the help of an intuitive and interactive slider. The AARP calculator has several unique features. An individual's Social Security payment is shown to change in one graph if they keep working while receiving those benefits simultaneously.

Social Security Administration's Retirement Estimator

Using your real Social Security earnings record, the Social Security Administration's Retirement Estimator may estimate your benefits to be received at age 62, on your full retirement age, or at the age of 70. Those getting near retirement and having lengthy work experience will have the most reliable estimates.

The calculator lets you play around with your projected earnings and retirement age to see how it affects your Social Security benefits. However, it does not offer advice on when it would be best to file.

To use the calculator, you must provide personal details such as your Social Security number. If you have earned sufficient Social Security credits but have not yet started receiving payments, you can use the Retirement Estimator to estimate what those payments could be.

Benefits Planner

By entering a substantial amount of information into the Benefits Planner, you may generate a precise estimate of the benefits you will receive without revealing any information that might be used to identify you individually.

Earnings from each year of employment, among other things, will be necessary, but the ultimate result should be the same, given that the data you enter is accurate. It is granted, of course, that the data you present is accurate.

You should feel comfortable using the Social Security website. Still, if you choose to use this calculator instead, you can do so if you do not feel like entering your number on the Social Security website.


When submitting a claim, One of the retirees' most crucial choices is handling their Social Security benefits. Many websites will give you a free estimate of how much money you may get based on what age you decide to start collecting benefits.

A person's eligibility for Social Security retirement benefits is determined by the amount of money they have paid into the system over at least ten years or 40 calendar quarters. Full retirement age varies from 66 to 67 years old according to the year you were born, and you become eligible for all your earned benefits at that time.

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