Tracfone Cell Phone Plans in 2022

Jan 05, 2024 By Susan Kelly

Tracfone is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, which runs one of the largest telecommunications companies. They can keep prices so low for their services due to the economies of scale at work here. They have become so large that now they are starting to compete with other telecom providers worldwide due to their excellent coverage.

Prepaid Wireless Service

If you're looking for an affordable cell phone plan, then check out Tracfone's national wireless service. It offers prepaid wireless calling without a contract or credit check. You'll have no problem finding the perfect cell phone plan for your situation with so many options to choose from! We've put together this simple guide to answer all your questions about Tracfone plans and help you get started.

How it works

The steps are easy when setting up with Tracfone: Get a phone, Order Tracfone service, activate your phone. Then, enjoy! There are no complicated contracts or activation fees when signing up for a new plan. In addition, all pricing plans include nationwide coverage on America's largest networks along with all taxes and fees.

Tracfone cell phone plans

Basic Phone Plans

Here is a breakdown of the prepaid basic phone plans:

$9.99 – 30 minutes for 30 days

$19.99 – 60 minutes for 90 days

$29.99 – 120 minutes for 90 days

$39.99 – 200 minutes for 90 days

$79.99 – 450 minutes for 90 days

$99. 99 – 400 minutes for 1 year

$159.99 – 1,000 minutes for 1 year

$199.99 – 1500 minutes for 1 year

Limited Data Plans

$15 – 500 minutes, 500 text messages, 500 MBs for 30 days

$25 – 500 minutes, 1000 text messages, 500 MBs for 60 days

$35 – 750 minutes, 1000 text messages, 1GB for 60 days

$45 – 750 minutes, 1000 text messages, 1.5 GBs for 90 days

$50 – 750 minutes, 1500 text messages, 2 GBs for 90 days

$125 – 1500 minutes, 1500 text messages, 1.5 GBs for 30 days

Unlimited Data Plans

$20 – 1 GB for 30 days

$25 – 2 GB for 30 days

$30 – 3 GB for 30 days

$40 – 8 GB for 30 days

$199 – 12 GB for 365 days

TracFone Tips & Tricks

1. How To Transfer An Old Phone Number Into Your New Tracfone?

Every 6 months, we usually see some people asking about transferring a '2-year-old phone number' into a new Tracfone. When this happens, it usually means that someone has gotten a new phone and wants to keep the same cell phone number. Still, the process is actually quite involved, if not impossible! To do so, all you have to do is call up TracFone's customer service line and tell them that you want your current 'number back'. This will disconnect service from your phone, resulting in lost minutes/service days depending on how long you have been with them. Then, just sign up for a new account using the same phone number, and voila, it's as easy as pie!

3. What Happens When I Reach My Minute Limit? Do I Keep Getting Served?

So let's say that you have only 10 minutes left on your phone and want to add more time, but you don't want to accidentally rack up extra charges. Luckily TracFone has a built-in feature that alerts users when they are about to reach their limit! This means that if someone were to wait until there was 1 minute left before adding more time, they would be okay because guests could still use the phone for an extra hour without worrying about overages.

4. Use A New Phone Number with Each Refill

If one is looking for ways of keeping people from knowing how long they've been with Tracfone, this trick might be helpful. All one has to do is purchase a regular 60-minute top-up card every 2 months with a new phone number, which in the end is cheaper than paying for double minutes. For example, if someone were to keep the same number every 2 months, it would cost $80, whereas if they switched it up, it would be only $40! Of course, it's not perfect, but it's certainly better than giving everyone the ability to track how long one has been with Tracfone.

5. Can I Use The Same Phone Number With Multiple Devices?

This question doesn't come up often, but it can be useful to some people. TracFone allows its users to have multiple devices under one account. So as long as they use the same phone number, feel free to buy that family plan! So say you are on your monthly plan on a Moto E and want to get a nice smartphone; just buy another SIM card and pop it in!

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