A Guide About Different Types of Credit Cards

Oct 06, 2023 By Triston Martin

With an array of credit card options to pick from, choosing one that is right for you could be difficult. It is often based on the amount you are able to manage and your credit score, and your reason for wanting one, e.g., are you looking to make it easier to spread the cost of a purchase, establish your credit history, or pay for the cost of an unexpected cost? This post is about different types of credit cards.

We'll guide you through the most common types of credit cards and also show you where you can find out more about these cards. Be aware that credit cards typically come with a high APR which can be a costly option to borrow money when you're unable to pay off the debt in full every month. They can be helpful to spread costs and give additional protection for the purchases you make, but they should not be used for managing long-term credit.


There are numerous types of credit cards suitable for different preferences and needs of the user. If you require credit cards but have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, continue reading to determine which is the most suitable for you:

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Many credit cards can transfer balances; however, a balance transfer credit card has the lowest rate for introductory transfer of balances for a specific time. If you're looking to lower the cost of the high-interest rate on the balance of an existing credit card, the balance transfer option is an excellent option.

The interest rates for balance transfer vary. Some areas are as low as zero percent. However, they usually come with qualifiers like the cost of every transfer. The lower the promotional fee (and longer the time for promotional offers), the more appealing the card. But, it's not uncommon to require credit with good standing to qualify.

Rewards Credit Cards

As the name implies, the rewards cards provide rewards for purchases made with credit cards. There are three kinds of reward cards: points, cash back, and travel. Some prefer the versatility of cashback rewards, while some prefer the points which can then be exchanged to purchase cash or other items. Rewards cards for travel remain the most popular choice for frequent travelers due to their ability to get complimentary hotel stays, flights, and other travel-related perks.

Student Credit Cards

Credit cards for students are specially made for college students, knowing that young adults usually have minimal or no credit background. Anyone who is a first-time applicant for credit is likely to have a better of getting accepted for the student credit card over a regular credit card.

Students' credit cards may offer additional benefits, such as rewards or low-interest rates on balance transfers. However, they're not the most crucial benefits for people looking for their very first credit card. Students must generally be enrolled in an accredited four-year institution to be eligible for a credit card that is geared towards students.

Secured Credit Cards

Your credit score of your is an essential aspect of being able to get credit cards. If you're brand new to credit or are trying to build it, getting secured credit cards might be possible. How do they function? You deposit a security deposit, which the card's issuer stores as collateral. After that, you might use your card to buy things just like you would with any other credit card. In addition, if you make responsible use of your card, you can receive your initial deposit refunded.

It is possible to build credit by using it responsibly. If you're approved for any credit card but mistake it, the card could have negative consequences for your credit score. You should pay the bill in full and on time each month when using any credit card. It's hard to establish an impressive credit score when you don't make payments.

Business Credit Cards

There is no requirement to run an international corporation to be eligible for a credit card for business. They're useful to various types of companies, no matter if you're launching an espresso bar in your dream location or doing some freelance work for a living. Credit cards for businesses will help you keep your personal and professional expenses separated.

This could make things simpler when it comes time to complete your tax returns. In addition, they usually provide more credit limits than consumer credit cards. The way you earn rewards varies. For instance, certain business credit cards have the same rewards rate on all transactions. Other cards may offer higher reward rates for business-related purchases, like office or travel supplies.


As you've read through this post, there are a variety of various credit cards available on the market. They differ from credit cards specifically designed for businesses to those targeted toward students. It is your responsibility to pick the card that is compatible with your spending habits and financial situation as well as preferences.

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