Delta vs. United, First, and Economic? How Do You Decide?

Nov 30, 2023 By Susan Kelly

United vs. Delta! Delta and United are two of the biggest and most popular service providers at the top of their game in the airline sector. Since their founding in 1925 in Ogdensburg, USA, and 1926 in Idaho, USA, Delta Airlines and United Airlines have been neck-and-neck. Both of these big U.S. airlines offer daily flights to the continents of the world, which are served by a great number of flights.

First Class: United vs. Delta.

Cabin and Service

Let's compare both airlines' first-class services and amenities as a starting point. Premium first-class services, such as booking facilities, complimentary alcoholic beverages before takeoff, and so on, are nearly similar between Delta and United airlines.

There are two free checked bags for first-class travelers with Delta, whereas United allows business class customers to take three 32 kilograms of checked bags. If you're a member of the U.S. military, you're allowed an additional piece of luggage. Therefore United Airlines gets the nod here.


When it comes to seating, Delta is equipped with completely lie-flat chairs directly accessible to the aisle. However, travelers flying Delta in the 2-2 seat layout cabin may experience some discomfort because these seats do not have direct aisle access. To make a flatbed of 6'6", a 1-2-1 seat configuration with aisle access is used by United Airlines. United Airlines' suite-like pod designs include storage compartments, a dining table, and mood lighting.

Drinks and Food

No matter where you're flying, you may enjoy top-notch food and drink options by Delta Airlines. Most of the food and drink options on Delta Airlines' menu are curated in collaboration with well-known chefs and sommeliers, and the airline's customers can choose from 17 different courses. Additionally, Delta's first-class guests can request a specific cuisine from the airline three days before the journey.

In-Room Services

Delta and United's 'Delta Sky Club' lounges and 'United Polaris' lounges are both high-level lounge services. Delta's sky lounges include showers and amenities for travelers; they even have private bedrooms where they can rest and refresh themselves with beverages from the self-serve bars.

Unlike the spa-like showers in United Polaris lounges, which have modern elements, passengers traveling on United Polaris may relax in the lounge's 32 open-faced cubicles and various cozier seating and table areas. Passengers may enjoy the United Polaris lounge's top restaurant-style dining facilities, including bar services, for breakfast, lunch, or supper, depending on their arrival time.

Comparing United vs. Delta in The Economy

Cabin and Service

Aside from the luggage cost, the facilities and packages offered by economy class passengers on both flights are nearly identical. Checking a bag under 23 kg costs $30 for Delta economy class customers; checking a bag above 23 kg costs $40.

However, United economy class travelers must pay $35 for the same weight, $30 if purchased in advance, and an extra $40 for checked baggage when flying on the airline's schedule. As a result, traveling in economy on any of these carriers won't provide much of a premium over ground transportation on any other airline.


Both Delta and United have made every effort to offer passengers the best possible service for the price they have agreed to charge. Delta has 139 economy-class seats, but United only has 129. Both airlines' economy-class seats have a 31-inch pitch and a 17-inch breadth. However, the number of plugs per passenger varies from aircraft to aircraft. Delta's economy cabin has a maximum seating area of 35" x 18.5" x 35" and a maximum width of 18.5."

Drinks and Food

Passengers on United and Delta flights may take advantage of free meal offerings. If you're flying fewer than 250 miles, you won't get any food from Delta Airlines. And it points toward United Airlines, which is glad to provide customers with food and beverages regardless of the distance they are flying. There are 14 meal options to choose from, ranging from a kid's meal to vegan and veg diets and popular brands of drinks and beverages, on long-haul flights provided by Delta.

So Which One Is the Best? United vs. Delta

It's hard to find a better airline in the world than either United Airlines or American Airlines regarding service and facilities. As a result of its superior quality services and statistical achievements, Delta Airlines has consistently demonstrated that it is one of its greatest airlines. However, United Airlines is not far behind and is steadily enhancing its services and incentives so that travelers may enjoy an outstanding flying experience with them.


When it comes to airline reliability, Delta routinely comes out on top. As for first-class travel, United can't quite equal Delta's first-class facilities, but it gets close. However, the decision is a toss-up in many aspects. To entice first-class passengers, both airlines have offered previously unheard-of benefits. However, be sure to read the tiny print: Not only does a first-class ticket need to be purchased, but so do elite frequent flyer miles.

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