Analysis Of The United TravelBank Card

Jan 18, 2024 By Triston Martin

United's co-branded credit card with Chase, United TravelBank, lets cardholders earn valuable points that may be applied directly to United airfare and have no further restrictions on redemption. Although it lacks the perks of other travel cards, it does not have an annual cost. Fans of United looking for a travel card without an annual fee and a straightforward rewards system may consider this.

Best Use of This Card

Naturally, only current or prospective United Airlines passengers should consider applying for a United TravelBank card, as the rewards currency may only be used on United transactions. To earn money for tickets quickly, you should fly the airline frequently or be prepared to charge several other items to the card and united travelbank card review.

According to the BLS, the average price of a round-trip ticket is $364, so you would need to spend $18,200 on United flights or $24,267 on ordinary expenditures to earn enough TravelBank currency to redeem it for a round-trip ticket.

Benefits of Using United's TravelBank

When a new cardholder spends $1,000 in the first three months of opening an account, the card issuer will credit their account with $150 in TravelBank cash. Within 6-8 weeks of reaching the $1,000 spending threshold, United will deposit the cash incentive into your TravelBank account.

Earning Reward Specifics

This card provides a 2% cash back bonus on United purchases and a 1.5% cash back bonus on all other transactions made with the card. So, if you spend $100 on United flights, you'll get back $2 in TravelBank cash. If you spend $100 elsewhere, you'll get $1.50 back. Seat upgrades, in-flight purchases, baggage service charges, and other expenses qualify for a 2% TravelBank cash-back bonus on united travelbank card credit score.

Specifics For Claiming Rewards

TravelBank cash may only be used on United and United Express tickets. Thus the card's redemption choices are easy. You can use your United miles and points with other payment methods. For instance, if you want to buy a $350 round-trip ticket on United, you may use your TravelBank cash to pay for it, or you can use $175 of your rewards cash and put the other $200 on your credit card and united travelbank card.

Methods For Getting the Most Out of Your Investments

If you want to maximize your benefits, it's best to use the card for all your United and United Express purchases. Also, this card's greatest 2% TravelBank cash back rate is earned when making purchases directly with United. Then, use this card for your non-United transactions to receive 1.5% cash back on all purchases.

Common Instance

Let's imagine you rarely use United and only take two round trips a year to see relatives or go on vacation. According to data compiled by the BTS, the typical cost of a round-trip ticket is $364. If that's how much you spent on United tickets, you may get $14.56 back in TravelBank rewards.

Possibility of Aspiration

More frequent flyers on United will automatically earn more benefits with this card. For the sake of argument, let's say you fly four times a year and use this card for all your in-flight food, entertainment, clothing, and toiletries needs. Your annual average spending on this card would be close to $15,250 based on statistics from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics for the cost of flights and the Bureau of Labor Statistics for all other expenditures.

The Cardholder's Perspective

Chase, the card's issuer, placed fourth in J.D. Power's 2019 Credit Card Customer Satisfaction study among major credit card issuers. However, its total rating is merely a point above par.

Credit Journey is the bank's way of giving you access to your VantageScore credit score, but anybody may use it because it's not limited to cardholders. Though your VantageScore might give you a sense of where your credit stands, most lenders utilize your FICO credit score, which is free from many other major card issuers.

Protection Mechanisms

It comes with various industry-standard security protections, all of which are provided by Chase. That entails having your account monitored for fraudulent activity, having your card replaced if lost or stolen, and incurring no responsibility for any charges made without your permission. Chase's Credit Journey is an unusual extra. It has a weekly credit score tracker, credit score notifications, and credit score updates.

Our Verdict

For frequent United flyers, the United TravelBank card stands out due to its straightforward rewards program and respectable cash-back percentage. The lack of a yearly fee may outweigh the benefits of luxury for infrequent travelers who aren't planning to use the card very often.

The United Explorer Card might be a better option if you're searching for more benefits from a card but still plan to fly frequently with United.

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