What Happens After a Home Buyer Offer Is Accepted in 2022?

Jan 12, 2024 By Susan Kelly

What Happens After A Home Buyer Offer Is Accepted? After completing the lease pre-approval, formulating a competitive bid, and receiving confirmation that the seller accepted the offer. If you are a buyer, when you've made an offer for your dream house, the days leading to the moment you hear "offer accepted" are a bit nerve-wracking. The reality is that getting the words of your agent in the real estate market is not the only hurdle to overcome.

After the excitement that you've found your dream home and an approved request, you may think about the next steps. If you're a buyer and a seller, the sale process is a bit complicated, and the process will not be done until the deal is completed. Here's what you can expect when your offer is accepted.

Earnest Money Deposit

If your offer is approved, make sure you close the deal by submitting an earnest cash deposit. It is typically a portion of the purchase price, which shows you are serious about purchasing and shows your trustworthiness. A deposit is typically an offer in cash that is used to pay for the purchase at the time you close the deal. However, you can forfeit the seller in the event that you don't meet the requirements for the purchase. Your broker or real estate agent can assist you in determining the amount of deposit you need to be prepared to make under your desired house price.

Things You Need to Know

Due Diligence

The due diligence time for you is typically between 10 and 30 days. It is specified in your expense contract. During this time, you need to conduct an inspection of your home, obtain an appraisal or title search, acquire homeowners insurance, and sell. You can tie these items to contingencies that stipulate that specific conditions must be fulfilled within a certain time frame to safeguard the seller or you. In particular, contingencies offer the buyer the option of rescinding the contract and claiming your deposit back if something goes wrong. For example, your loan fails, or an inspection uncovers significant problems the seller refuses to address. It is essential to understand what's included in the contract and work with all parties concerned to promptly fulfil all conditions.


An inspection of the home is the first item to be scheduled since any major problems discovered could cause a sale to be canceled if the seller doesn't want to repair the home. There may be a need for multiple inspectors, mainly if the property is located on a well or if the first officer suspects structural problems and suggests an engineer. Your agent for real estate will be able to link you to this expertise and set up the inspections.

Get an Appraisal

A very crucial element in mortgage sub writing is an appraisal. It is an estimation of the value of your home. Lenders use the appraisal to determine if the house is worth the amount you wish to borrow.

Title Search

A title search examines the title's history to determine if there aren't any legal issues that could hinder the seller's ability to transfer the title. The majority of the time, it is performed through a title insurance agency as well as the attorney for closing.

Home Insurance

The lender will ask that you buy homeowners insurance prior to closing. Find out more, call your current insurance provider, or request recommendations. Similar to any other kind of insurance, it's essential to read the policy thoroughly and understand what's covered as well as the exclusions and what the deductible will be, and if you're required to buy any additional insurance, such as flood insurance that's not included.

Get Ready to Close

Closing is the last item to complete when buying a home. This is the time to exercise your writing skills, complete the plethora of paperwork that the lender needs to close the deal, pay the closing cost and take the keys.


From beginning to end, every single aspect of dealing with land. Since each property has a separate gateway that opens the door to a stream that is unique to it, before you purchase any property, you should be aware of the approximate cost and the cost appropriate to your needs and other similar things within each stream.

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