Learn and Understand: What is an iBuyer?

Nov 27, 2023 By Susan Kelly


What is an iBuyer? iBuyers are tech-savvy real estate firms that provide fast (often within 24 hours) home purchases based on automated appraisal models. The automated valuation model (AVM) is a computerized appraisal that considers the prices of comparable homes in the area and the unique characteristics of your own home. You have probably encountered an AVM if you have used Zillow's Zestimate or refinanced your property without needing an appraisal. Mortgage banks and other real estate businesses regularly use AVMs. New consumers are being introduced to these models by iBuyers, who want to purchase, renovate, and resell homes. It's incredibly similar to the strategies employed by property flippers. This guide will teach you what an iBuyer is in real estate.

How iBuying Works

To put it plainly, iBuyers are corporations with the financial wherewithal to pay cash for houses. In the same way that a real estate agent would use sales of comparable homes in the area to determine a fair asking price for a listing, iBuyers will often use comps to help them choose what they should offer (or an offer). An iBuyer will buy a house, then have a renovation company fix it so that it may be sold for as much as possible (MLS). When selling a home, some iBuyers use outside real estate brokers, while others use employees as "listing agents." The vendor is typically identified as an iBuyer in the listing's description.

Pros and Cons of Using an iBuyer

An iBuyer's main advantages are its ease and quickness. The seller does not need to put time and effort into the home's marketing or staging, and they won't have to wait weeks or months for the inspections, loan underwriting, and closing processes. Alternatively, they can sell their home in a matter of days and continue their upward trajectory. Sellers that need to move swiftly or who need more time or resources to compete in the open market may benefit significantly from this. Another way an iBuyer saves money is by eliminating the requirement for a listing agent.

Commonly, a 6% commission is paid to the listing agent. This can add to a significant sum, especially in the country's more expensive regions. However, iBuyers need to turn a profit. Therefore they cannot pay the total market price for the homes they purchase. That usually results in a far lower selling price for the home than if the seller had utilized more conventional approaches. It is the responsibility of the iBuyer to pay for any necessary upkeep or repairs before listing the property for sale. As a result, a seller's net income may be diminished.

Who Are The Top iBuyers in The Real Estate Industry?

Up to this point, these organizations have proven themselves to be the most successful iBuyer marketplace leaders.


Opendoor will utilize an automated valuation technique to determine how much it is willing to pay to buy your home from you. A real estate commission of 7% will be charged to the seller, which is higher than what is charged by most companies. Opendoor will make immediate cash offers to home sellers.


Offerpad guarantees that you'll hear back from a buyer within 24 hours. The closing date is flexible and up to the owner. The icing on the cake is that if you move within fifty miles of your existing residence, Offerpad will cover all your moving costs.

Zillow Offers

There are only so many iBuyer markets without Zillow on the map. Similarly to competing services, they deliver on-the-spot offers based on their Zestimate of worth in addition to the seller-supplied information and recent comparable sales in the area.


Know offers a unique take on the iBuying concept compared to its competitors. If you are purchasing and selling a home simultaneously, Knock will purchase your new home so that you can move in before your existing property sells. Knock will seek the highest possible price as the owners' agent when selling their current residence on the open market. Once Knock's current home sells, she will have the deed and mortgage transferred into her name on the replacement property.

Redfin Now

Quicken Loans Present: One of the most prominent names in the iBuyer industry, Redfin has quickly risen to prominence. Right now, Redfin is available in 80 different markets throughout the USA. If a seller goes to the company's website, they can find out how much their item is worth thanks to an algorithm.


We hope this guide helped you understand the iBuyer definition. If you want more time to sell your house through an agent, iBuyers can help. Although your profit margin will be lower, the time and effort saved could be well worth it. If you live in a city with many iBuyer programs, you may want to explore shopping around to receive the most significant money for your property.

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