Wyndham Rewards Visa Review

Dec 17, 2023 By Triston Martin

With no annual charge, the Wyndham Rewards Visa card allows you to earn points while staying at one of the chain's 7,000 locations across 14 brands. These points can be applied to future visits, transferable to other loyalty programs, or used to purchase gift cards at the hotel.

For Wyndham Timeshare purchases and cash advances, the company is offering a one-time bonus of up to two free nights and a 0% APR introductory offer.


A unique benefit for a hotel credit card is a one-time offer of 0% APR on cash advances for 15 billing cycles, available only with the Wyndham Rewards Visa. Although there is a fee for cash advances, which we go over in more detail below, this could be an advantageous option for people who want to move higher-rate debt and pay it off faster.

A one-time deal that might get you up to two nights free: After spending $1,000 on the card, cardholders receive 15,000 bonus points. It is possible to redeem the one-time deal for up to two free nights of lodging at a Wyndham property. However, a single night or fewer is more common for most facilities.

When you use this credit card, you'll automatically get Wyndham Rewards Gold Membership status, which generally takes five nights of stays to earn. There is a 10% premium on all points gained when you have this status. Room selection and late checkout are other privileges included in the membership fee.


Only a Middling Value Is Found in the Explanation of Rewards: This card's benefits sound good, with two or three points for every dollar spent. Wyndham points are less valuable than many other reward systems because they can only be redeemed for a fraction of what other programs' points are worth. To compensate for the low value of the card, other cards may offer better incentives. Other cash-back cards with no annual fees, including the American Express Blue Cash every day, can beat this card's 2 points per dollar on gas and groceries. Wyndham Rewards Visa has one bright spot: You get 2 points for every dollar spent on utility bills, which is greater than many other cards, like the American Express Blue Cash every day, offer for that category.

There are certain drawbacks to the 0% APR option: To take advantage of the 0% APR on balance transfers for 15 billing cycles, you must pay a 3% balance transfer charge. The Wyndham Rewards Visa's 0% APR permits only six billing cycles at 0% APR for new purchases, although several cards give the same interest-free process for new purchases.

This Card Is Ideal For

Customers of Wyndham hotels should only apply for this credit card. For Wyndham purchases, you get three points for every dollar spent, and the best value for your points is when you use them at Wyndham properties.

All three of the card's most valuable perks can be found exclusively at Wyndham hotels, including an initial offer that can be used to book one or two nights at a less expensive Wyndham property, plus a 10-percent bonus on points earned and the ability to select your preferred room type through Wyndham Rewards Gold.

Reward Redemption Information

The Wyndham website is where you redeem your points. Cardholders may see the number of points they have and how many they will need to book a room. Resort fees are frequently included in the points redemptions for Caesar's properties. Resort fees cannot be paid with points, so they must be paid in cash.

Besides gift cards and Marathon Gas, you may also use your points to get various other things. On the other hand, Wyndham stays are a much better use of your points.

Maximizing Your Rewards

To get the most out of your Wyndham Rewards Visa, book your hotel stays via Wyndham first and then redeem your points for additional stays. The Wyndham transactions made with this card earn 3.3 points per dollar—the normal 3 points per dollar, plus an additional 0.3 points from the 10% Wyndham Gold status bonus that comes with the card.

The card can, of course, be used for everyday purchases. If you use it regularly, you'll still accumulate prizes even if you earn fewer points (2 points for every $1 spent). It's estimated that the average American household will spend $4,942 on food and $1.568, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

These two goods alone might generate 14,422 points in a year according to the 2.2 points received per dollar spent (with the 10% points boost for Gold status). According to EnergyStar.gov, the average American family's annual energy bill is $2,060. Setting up automated utility payments with this card can earn the user an additional 4,532 points each year. With all your regular purchases, you may earn up to 19,000 points every year, which is enough to cover a night or two at a Wyndhams hotel every calendar year.

Experiences for Cardholders

J.D. Power's 2021 Credit Card Satisfaction Survey scores Barclays, the company that issues the Wyndham credit card, as average.

Concierge services, such as recommendations for dining, lodging, entertainment, and other activities, are available to cardholders. Additionally, Barclays provides phone and social media support for cardholders and customer care via Meta and Twitter.

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